Chinese soccer legend Sun Ji-hai defended referee Ko Hyung-jin, who was in charge of the match, saying that Lebanese defender Kamil Kamis, who hit Dai Wei-chun in the face with his foot in the match between China and Lebanon, was not given a send-off.

China, led by head coach Aleksandar Jankovic, tied without a goal in the second round of Group A at the 2023 AFC Qatar Asian Cup at Al Thumama Stadium at 8:30 p.m. on the 17th (Korea time). China, which had a scoreless draw due to its poor performance against Tajikistan in the first round, worsened the situation.

Ahead of the China-Lebanon match on the day, there was a figure who received more attention than players, so it is the South Korean referee including Go Hyung-jin. This is because some Chinese media were concerned that they might retaliate against Chinese referee Manning, who hosted the first round of Group E match between Korea and Bahrain.

Sure enough, after the match, they began to take issue with the referee Ko’s decision. In particular, controversy arose over the scene in the 14th minute of the first half where Camille Kamis raised her foot high while clearing the ball and kicked Dai Weichun in the face. Although the situation was so painful that Dai Weichun was bleeding and collapsed, the referee Ko did not take out a red card. 헤라카지노도메인

Sun Ji-hai, who was commentating on the match in China, said, “It’s not foul. It’s not like I kicked it on purpose, but I think I kicked it on the cheek because of inertia. I like my team better, but it’s not a foul. In fact, Camis is not out. I don’t think VAR will give you a red card,” adding, “Kamis’ action was excessive, but he didn’t think he intentionally hit Dai Wei-chun. In fact, the referee Koh judged based on Sun Ji-hai’s interpretation.

Sun Ji-hai is a legendary figure who was successful overseas as he played in the English Premier League in the 2000s, which is unprecedented in Chinese soccer history. He played for several teams including Manchester City, and has shown good image to Korean fans through his sincere game manners.

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