From 2011 to 2015, Samsung won five consecutive regular league titles and four times overall. During the dynasty, Samsung’s greatest strength was its tight-knit bullpen. Through this stove league, Samsung has built a strong back door that reminds people of those times.
Samsung succeeded in recruiting Kim Jae-yoon (34), the closing pitcher of the KT Wiz this winter. It also brought in Lim Chang-min (39), the closing pitcher of the Kiwoom Heroes. Finally, Oh Seung-hwan (42), the “final king,” stayed on the 16th to gather the closing trio.

As a result, the three companies that will take charge of Samsung’s seventh, eighth and ninth innings have been formed. They have a combined 691 saves and 88 saves last year alone. The lineup is breathtaking for the opposing team, who will be dragged into the game.

It reminds me of Samsung during the dynasty. At the time, Samsung did not have to worry about victory if it was winning until the fifth inning. Starting with Oh Seung-hwan as the closing pitcher, no one could easily attack Chung Hyeon-wook, who was called the “people’s yardstick,” Kwon Hyuk, a scary left-hander, and Ahn Ji-man, whose trademark was to wear a twisted hat.

Fans called it the “JOKKA” line after the spelling of Chung Hyun-wook (J), Oh Seung-hwan (O), Kwon Oh-joon (K), Kwon Hyuk (K), and Ahn Ji-man (A).

As Oh Seung-hwan moved overseas and Kwon Hyuk moved to the Hanwha Eagles, and other players lost their power one by one, Samsung also began to go downhill. Although he advanced to the fall baseball league in 2021, it was the only postseason Samsung has experienced since 2015. 랭크카지노주소
Problems were especially serious last season. Samsung allowed 38 come-from-behind losses, and the result was painful as it ranked eighth. The team’s ERA was the lowest at 4.60 while that of the bullpen was just 5.16.

SBS Sports commentator Lee Jong-yeol took over as the new general manager and aggressively stepped up efforts to reinforce pitchers as soon as the Stove League opened. As soon as the market opened, he rushed to Kim Jae-yoon, the biggest player in the bullpen for free agents. Lee recruited him for a total of 5.8 billion won (down payment of 2 billion won, annual salary of 2.8 billion won, incentive of 1 billion won) for four years, and Lee told Star News in a telephone interview that he was busy as soon as the market opened. “I think Kim Jae-yoon also moved his heart due to such aggressive attitude,” Kim Jae-yoon said in a press release, “I felt that the Samsung Lions, a prestigious club, made a good offer and truly felt that he needed me.” He admitted that he was attracted to Samsung’s aggressive courtship.

Lee was confident despite the fact that he had overlapped with Oh. “It can be a very well-intentioned and pleasant competition. From the manager’s point of view, it is much better,” he said. “I talked with him a lot and I can coordinate everything. I don’t think there will be any problems at all.”

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