NC Dinos is in first place with a team ERA of 3.67 as of the 11th.

They are maintaining an average ERA in the 3-point range along with 2nd place LG (3.76).

The starting pitcher’s ERA is 3.76, second only to Doosan (3.68), and Koo Jae-jin’s ERA is also 3.56, second to LG (3.50). Guo Jin-gu’s recent progress stands out. The left-right lineup is the best in the league.

The ideal balance is between a right-handed bullpen led by Lee Yong-chan, Ryu Jin-wook, and Kim Si-hoon, and a left-handed bullpen led by Kim Young-gyu, Ha Jun-young, and Lim Jeong-ho. Depending on the situation, it is a good idea to devise a bullpen management strategy that deploys left and right pitchers in the right positions.

When asked, ‘Isn’t it better than LG?’ NC coach Kang In-kwon admitted, “I also feel that our team’s middle bullpen is the best at the moment.” “I think the arrangement of the members (left and right) is the best,” he said. “There are three left-handed players, but since many domestic batters are left-handed, it is helping to utilize them actively.”

He said, “The players are playing their roles well in their respective positions. I think if only the starting pitchers could lead the innings a little longer, we could lead the team a little more stably than now.” Coach Kang, who is facing the final game of the season, said, “I will do my best to win games that can be won by mobilizing the bullpen as quickly as possible.”

Close to perfect left and right balance. But there is just one thing that is disappointing. There is no sidearm or submarine pitcher.

Shim Chang-min comes to mind as Side Arms, who was acquired through a trade with Kim Tae-goon.

A veteran pitcher who has become a forgotten name after being expunged on May 10th. The fireballer, a former national team player who played a total of 485 games, has only played in 16 games in the two years since transferring to NC.

There is no promise of any help at the end of the season. This is because he has not been able to provide an opportunity for a rebound even in the C team (Futures League).

In 31 Futures League games this season, he has 1 win, 4 losses, 3 holds, and an average ERA of 10.43.

My condition hasn’t been very good lately.

He took the mound as a substitute starter against Samsung on the 8th, but in one inning, he gave up 3 hits and 5 four-ball outs against 11 batters, allowing 6 runs and becoming the losing pitcher.

Regarding the possibility of Shim Chang-min’s call-up, manager Kang In-kwon expressed regret, saying, “The pitch control is very ups and downs and the walk rate is too high, so we are having a hard time every game. We are trying to improve, but it is not easy.”카지노사이트

Shim Chang-min, who was eligible for free agency for the first time after finishing last season, gave up his application after much consideration and chose to reapply. However, he has not been able to bounce back this season, and there is a growing possibility that he will postpone his application for free agency again.

Catcher Kim Tae-goon, who was traded for Shim Chang-min, went through Samsung and is currently in his prime at KIA.

He will be eligible for free agency for the second time at the end of this season. There is a growing possibility that he will make up for his disappointment during his first free agency with a long-term contract. Samsung is enjoying happy baseball by acquiring all-weather infielder Ryu Ji-hyuk following Kim Tae-gun in return for sending Shim Chang-min.

Although the alienation is prolonged, there is ample potential for a rebound. After overcoming this difficult time, it is time to recover as Shim Changmin.

If Shim Chang-min regains his balance, it will be a huge success for the young NC bullpen. It can be by far the best in the league in terms of variety and quality.

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