Ryu Hyun-jin (36, Toronto Blue Jays) will finally face off against Max Scherzer (39, Texas Rangers), a living legend in the major leagues and a three-time Cy Young Award winner. This is the first time he faces Scherzer as a starter since entering the major league.카지노사이트

Ryu Hyun-jin will start the second game of the 2023 Major League Baseball (MLB) Texas Rangers home game, scheduled to be played at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at 8:07 a.m. on the 13th (Korean time).

On the 11th, Toronto announced the starting pitchers for the four-game home game against the Texas Rangers, which will be held from the 12th to the 15th. According to the Toronto team, Chris Bassett will be the first to take the mound on the 12th, followed by Ryu Hyun-jin on the 13th. Yusei Kikuchi will then pitch on the 14th and Kevin Gausman will pitch on the 15th.
After receiving elbow ligament fusion surgery in June last year, Ryu Hyun-jin devoted himself to rehabilitation for about a year and two months. Ryu Hyun-jin made his long-awaited comeback in a game against the Baltimore Orioles on the 2nd of last month. Baltimore was a strong team that was ranked first in the American League’s Eastern Division not only then, but even now (as of the 11th). Ryu Hyun-jin suffered a loss, recording 9 hits (1 home run), 1 walk, 3 strikeouts, and 4 runs (4 earned) in 5 innings against the powerful Baltimore batting line. However, if you look at the results of Ryu Hyun-jin’s good pitching afterwards, the Baltimore batters, who boast the best firepower in the American League, were ultimately able to hit Ryu Hyun-jin’s balls well.

There were no more difficult hits for Ryu Hyun-jin. Afterwards, as Ryu Hyun-jin took each step step by step, she began to regain her former glory in earnest. Against Cleveland on August 8, he pitched a perfect pitch with 1 walk, 2 strikeouts, and no runs in 4 innings without allowing a single hit. He had the best pace, so much so that he even had hopes of a no-hitter game, but unfortunately, in the process of finishing pitching in the fourth inning, he was hit in the knee by an opposing hitter’s hard ball. In the end, Ryu Hyun-jin came down from the mound without making any more pitches. Although he could only pitch 4 innings due to an unexpected injury, Ryu Hyun-jin’s pitching that day was enough to leave a strong impression on those who had doubts.

Ryu Hyun-jin was hit in the knee by a batted ball, but fortunately he made the next pitch without any major injuries. Then, in the game against the Chicago Cubs on the 14th, Ryu Hyun-jin pitched 5 innings, allowing 2 hits, 2 walks, 3 strikeouts, and 2 runs (2 earned), finally reporting his first win since his impressive return. It was a victory achieved 444 days after the LA Angels game on May 27 last year. Ryu Hyun-jin’s upward trend continued. Against Cincinnati on the 21st, he pitched well in 5 innings, allowing 4 hits, 1 walk, 7 strikeouts, and 2 runs (unearned), achieving 2 consecutive wins, and against Cleveland on the 28th, in 5 innings, 4 hits (2 home runs), 5 strikeouts, and 3 runs (2 earned). He pitched well and advanced to three consecutive wins.

Ryu Hyun-jin is in charge of the innings in a stable manner, never once collapsing in the early innings. Ryu Hyun-jin’s good form continued in September. On the 2nd, he stood at Coors Field, known as the graveyard of pitchers, against the Colorado Rockies. But Ryu Hyun-jin remained firm. He completed his task perfectly, allowing 4 hits (1 home run), 2 walks, 3 strikeouts, and 2 runs in 5 innings. He came off the mound meeting the qualifications to be a winning pitcher, but unfortunately, he was unable to get any wins due to the collapse of the bullpen. And on the 7th, he showed good pitching content against the Oakland Athletics, allowing 5 hits (1 home run), 1 walk, 5 strikeouts, and 2 runs in 5 innings. Although he suffered defeat by handing over the mound when the team lost the lead, Ryu Hyun-jin continues to show steady performance.
◆ Despite two good pitches in September, he failed to win due to bad luck, so he tries again for his 4th win of the season.Above all, Ryu Hyun-jin is cooking batters based on his perfect ability to control pace and speed. The highest speed of his fastball is only about 145km, but he shows an even more perfect performance by using a curve that perfectly steals the opponent’s timing and a changeup that drops the angle significantly and induces a missed swing. Ryu Hyun-jin himself also smiled brightly, saying about his curves, “I would like to give 100 points out of 100.” Although he did not have success after appearing on the mound twice in September, he recently proved his durability by going 5 innings in 5 consecutive games. He also has allowed less than 2 earned runs in all 6 games since the game against Cleveland on the 8th of last month. Ryu Hyun-jin’s record this season is 3 wins, 2 losses, and an ERA of 2.65. He has pitched a total of 34 innings, allowing 28 hits, 8 walks, 28 strikeouts, and 15 runs (10 earned).

◆ Toronto also plays a four-game series with the fate of fall baseball at stake… Ryu Hyun-jin meets ‘legend’ Max Scherzer for the first time!Toronto is currently ranked 3rd in the American League East Division with 80 wins and 63 losses (0.559 winning percentage). The lead over the Baltimore Orioles, who are in first place in the same district, has widened to 10.5 games. Also, the gap between them and the Tampa Bay Rays, who are in second place in the same district, is 7.5 games, which is quite a lot. In the end, what Toronto should aim for is a wild card, and the competition is very fierce. Toronto is in second place in the American League wild card. The Seattle Mariners (79 wins, 64 losses) are following closely behind by one game. Next, Texas (78-64) is in 4th place in the wild card, 1.5 games behind. Still, the good news is that Toronto has recently swept all three games against the Kansas City Royals and is on a three-game winning streak. Toronto needs to widen its lead against Texas as much as possible in this four-game series. Conversely, if they give Texas a win, they could easily be pushed out of third place, which is the wild card margin.

The opposing pitcher who will face Ryu Hyun-jin in this very important four-game series is Max Scherzer, a veteran. Scherzer, who can be called ‘the best pitcher in active play’, has appeared in 456 games in his career since debuting in the Major League in 2008, recording 213 wins, 108 losses, 3,365 strikeouts and an ERA of 3.15. He was honored with the American League Cy Young Award in the 2013 season and the National League Cy Young Award in the 2016 and 2017 seasons. Although he has reached an age where he is looking at the odds, Scherzer is still showing off his skills this season, with a record of 12 wins, 6 losses, and an ERA of 3.91, along with 172 strikeouts. This is the first time Ryu Hyun-jin has faced Scherzer since entering the major league in 2013 wearing the uniform of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Scherzer changed his uniform through a trade from the New York Mets to the Texas Rangers ahead of the trade deadline at the end of July. In particular, before the transfer, he had only 9 wins, 4 losses, and an ERA of 4.01 with the Mets, but after changing teams, he pitched even better with 3 wins, 2 losses, and an ERA of 3.63. His hitting percentage also decreased from 0.240 to 0.175, and his WHIP (on-base percentage allowed per inning) also decreased from 1.19 to 0.98.

The Texas batting line that Ryu Hyun-jin will face boasts formidable strength, just like Baltimore, the team he faced for the first time after returning. Currently, in the American League, he is ranked first in team batting average (0.266), first in team scoring (777 points), and first in team OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) (0.791). The team ranked 5th in home runs with 200. Among batters, Adolis Garcia, who hit 34 home runs and reached the 100-RBI mark, is the number one person to watch out for. In addition, Corey Seager, who played with Ryu Hyun-jin during his time with the Los Angeles Dodgers, is also a slugger who ranks second on the team in home runs (30) and ranks first in OPS (1.050). Texas is showing tremendous firepower, with all nine starting fielders hitting double-digit home runs. Attention is focused on what kind of performance Ryu Hyun-jin, who has overcome numerous crises, will show against Texas.

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