He survived the graves of pitchers and went down the mountain. Connor Seabold, who was brought by the Samsung Lions, will conquer the “Lafak,” a batter-friendly stadium in Korea.

Samsung announced Wednesday that it would recruit new foreign pitcher Conor Seabold. It paid the maximum amount that it could give to a new foreign player with a total of 1 million U.S. dollars (down payment of 100,000 dollars, annual salary of 900,000 dollars, incentive of 100,000 dollars).

He is a right-handed pitcher who is 188 centimeters tall and weighs 86 kilograms, and was nominated by the Philadelphia Phillies in the third round of the rookie draft in 2017. After that, he moved to the Boston Red Sox and made his Major League debut with the Boston Red Sox in 2021. Prior to this season, he was traded to the Colorado Rockies, and while playing for Triple-A, he recorded one win, seven losses and an ERA of 7.52 in 87 ⅓ in 27 games (13-starter). As a swingman, he spent a considerable number of innings.

In fact, Colorado was a team that gave up its performance this year, so it can be said that Seabold had a chance, but Seabold was given his own meaningful role and lasted one season in the Major League this year, and also in the “Treators’ Grave.”

Regarding Seabold, the club explained, “He uses strong fastballs with an average fastball speed of 150 kilometers, as well as changeups and sliders with high-quality breaking balls. It is expected that he will play a role in the starting lineup of the Samsung Lions in the 2024 season based on his strong ball power and stable control due to his excellent utilization of the strike zone.”

According to Baseball Servant, the average speed of a four-seam fastball by the Seabold this year was 92.6 miles (about 149 kilometers). The speed limit the club introduced was not the maximum but the average speed limit. The speed limit is sufficient to overwhelm batters in the KBO League. It also has Taylor who penetrates towards the right-handed batter. The horizontal movement this year measured 9.4 inches (23.9 centimeters), surpassing the league average. 랭크카지노

He can use sliders, changeups, and curves other than four-seam players. As of the 2023 season, he pitched 54.4 percent of total four-seam players, followed by sliders at 30.5 percent and three-pitch changeups at 13.3 percent. He threw the least 1.8 percent of curve ball. Sliders have an average speed of 85.3 miles (137 kilometers), which does not change much but shows a sharp, cutter-like trajectory. Changeups also fall a lot. They move vertically instead of horizontally.

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