Gangwon FC midfielder Lee Seung-won (20) was actually close to being anonymous. He joined Gangwon after dropping out of Dankook University earlier this year, but he didn’t have a chance to make his name known as he didn’t have a chance to play. In fact, he played three games in the K4 league as a member of Team B. He was called up to the first division in April and was included in the candidate list in two games (round eight and nine), but he did not make his debut.

However, Lee Seung-won imprinted his name on his fans by playing a leading role in the semi-final at the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup in Argentina in May this year. At that time, he scored seven offensive points (three goals and four assists) during the seven games. Notably, he was nicknamed “dead ball specialist” when he scored two of the three goals as penalty kicks and recorded three assists and one assist in corner and free kicks, respectively.

Not only that, but he also played a role well as took the center stage as captain, and led teammates by displaying sincere play and moving around the ground in every game. He focused on supporting teammates through team play rather than flashy play. Amid his stellar performance, Lee made his name known around the world by winning the Bronze Bowl.

Lee Seung-won, who received spotlight, made his K-League debut as soon as he returned to Gangwon. Since then, he has continued to receive opportunities to play in the league. Notably, he decided to stay in the league after reaching the playoff this season, and Lee even had an unforgettable experience as a rookie player in his debut season, starting in the first round of the promotion and promotion PO and playing for 16 minutes.

“At first, I had a hard time because the tempo of the K-League was too fast and I lacked many physical aspects. However, as I continued to play in the K-League, I got used to the tempo and now I have time,” Lee said. “I learned a lot during the half-season. I think it is also meaningful for me to experience promotion and promotion in the debut season. I will do my best to show better performances next year.”

Hereinafter, Lee Seung-won’s interview is a Q&A.

How do you feel about the season.

“I joined the team late without any K-League experience, but I made my debut faster than I thought. During the half-season, I learned a lot from the manager and the guys. I’m sorry that we didn’t show as good a performance as the fans expected, but I think it was a year that we prepared to show better performances next year.”

What did you feel while running on the K-League stage for half a season.

“I felt there was a big difference between the U-20 World Cup and the K-League. The tempo of the K-League was too fast, and I lacked a lot in physical aspects as well. Also, since I have a lot of experienced players, I was reading everything I had in mind. I think it was hard to play.”

I think there will be regrets about the early replacement period.

“In the beginning, I was disappointed with the playing time, but as time went by, I understood the part where the coach took early replacement. I felt that I lacked a lot of experience while playing, and I thought that the coach did not show a satisfactory performance within the given time on the field. Later, I think I played with the idea of showing everything I can show on the ground as much as possible, even for a short time.”

What was the most memorable game this season.

“The 25th round Jeju United away game was the most memorable. In fact, I almost recorded my help at that time. It was a good opportunity to score my first offensive point since my debut in the K-League, but it was canceled due to offside. That’s what I regret the most but I remember the most.” 월카지노

Ahead of his debut, he set a goal of playing in more than five games, but he played 14 games.

“I thought we could gradually increase the number of games. If we let go of our impatience and show good performance when we get the opportunity to play, we will definitely get more opportunities.” I am fully satisfied as I have achieved my initial goal of playing in more than five games. However, I need to play more games next year. I think we need to keep increasing the number of games and make more efforts to show good performances whenever we play.”

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