Osmar (35), a “living legend,” leaves the affectionate FC Seoul, where there is a break-up when there is a meeting.

According to soccer sources on Sunday, Seoul has finally decided not to renew its contract with free agent Osmar, whose contract ends this year. He informed Osmar of the club’s decision, and the player himself reportedly accepted the reality. Osmar is set to join Kedar in Malaysia.

As Osmar has been a legendary figure who has represented Seoul for the past 10 years beyond a single foreign player, fans will inevitably feel despondent. He joined Seoul in 2014 and spent nine years in Seoul alone until last season, except when he was on loan at Cerezo Osaka in 2018. As of the time Osmar joined the club, Ko Yo-han is the only player who has played more seasons in Seoul so far.

Osmar played in 344 matches for the past nine years, the most by a foreign player in the club’s history. In 2016, when Seoul last conquered the league, he became the first foreign captain of the Seoul club. Young Korean players trusted and followed Osmar, calling him Osmar. He proactively took care of foreign players. He was a strong supporter both on and off the field.

His skills and skills are of course not to mention his. During his heyday, he boasted of his presence as the best interceptor and loser in the league. He gave a refreshing impression to his fans with his cross-border passes and left-footed shot from cannonballs. The left-foot clothesline shot that he displayed at the matches against Suwon in June 2019 and Keda in January 2020 will remain to be discussed.

Even Osmar couldn’t skip the passage of time. He wasn’t the type who used speed as a weapon, but he slowed down significantly in his mid-30s. “Aiming for the space behind Osmar” was a common attack menu among rival teams. Under the new coach Kim Ki-dong, who values speed and activity, critics say that he cannot afford to be appointed. Ultimately, Osmar stopped accompanying Seoul, and a Super Match with Suwon last month was the last match for a midfielder based in Spain. 헤라카지노

It may not be a permanent breakup. Seoul clubs left the door open for Osmar the leader. It has been reported that Osmar conveyed to the players his desire to join them if he were to become a leader after retirement. Osmar is preparing for his second career as a soccer player by taking KFA instructions in Korea. Osmar plans to leave the country as soon as he completes his personal arrangement.

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