The ratio was 100 to 1. He also pledged to win next year’s championship.

60 LG fans who attended the “Beer Party” hosted by LG General Manager Cha Myung-seok enjoyed a pleasant and pleasant party for two hours.

At Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 20th, when the cold wave hit. LG fans came one by one after another after 5 p.m. They were the main characters that Cha Myung-seok, the head of the team, invited to a beer party to celebrate the unification victory.

In late July, Cha made a promise to win while communicating with fans at a YouTube Live where the first half of the year was settled. “If we win the Korean Series overall, we will have a beer party with our fans,” Cha said. LG, which had been thirsty for a win in the Korean Series since 1994, beat KT in the Korean Series by four wins and one loss to win the Korean Series trophy for the first time in 29 years. The team won the Korean Series title in 29 years.

Cha’s winning pledge was summoned, and he carefully prepared a beer party to celebrate the victory with unprecedented fans. In sub-zero weather, 60 fans gathered at the cafeteria in Jamsil Stadium.

It was a beer party, so we recruited participants from adults. From 2 p.m. on the 12th to 5 p.m. on the 14th, we received applications online for 51 hours, and 6,000 people applied for 60 people. It was a 100 to 1 competition.

The team prepared three cans of beer per person for moderate drinking. The team also prepared a variety of buffets for communication through meals rather than alcoholic beverages. The buffet features champagne and macaron’s “welcome food” and dishes priced at 40,000 won per person, including salads, steak, shrimp, sweet and sour chicken, various seafood and pizza.

Cha spent about 15 minutes at each table and communicated with fans. He got autographs on uniforms and baseballs, took pictures together, and burst into laughter. At the table, which was mostly filled with young men, he greeted the leader by chanting his name. Fans asked him questions and stories behind his victory, and he talked with eloquence.

Even after the table round meeting, I still had a Q&A time with fans who were disappointed.

A fan said, “I filmed a documentary for the baseball team last year, but I felt sorry that I didn’t film it this year,” and asked if he had any plans to film it again next year. “I wanted to make a documentary this year, but the most important thing is the team. I couldn’t film it this year because I felt pressure on the players. If I film it again next year, I can think about it.” 월카지노

One fan asked if he would like to tour the team’s locker room during the off-season. “Even during off-season, players come out at 6 a.m. to train. I’ll think about whether I can do it because you give me a good idea,” Cha replied.

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