European media, which are recognized for their public confidence, are reporting the imminent transfer of Jesse Lingard (31), a “former Manchester United striker,” to FC Seoul.

Earlier, sports broadcaster Sky Sports reported on the 2nd that Lingard is close to moving to FC Seoul. The media, which introduced the contract period of “2+1 (optional)” years, said, “Lingard received an offer from Saudi Arabia and Turkye, but he chose to go to Korea, the most interesting option,” adding, “I heard that Lingard, who joined Manchester United at just 7 years old, wants to make a new start in a new country.”

Subsequently, the British public broadcaster “BBC,” which gave birth to the term “non-official” among domestic fans, was “appeared.” “BBC” also reported that it was a 2+1 year contract, and said, “Lingard, who was offered a high salary (from Seoul), is seriously considering transferring.”

“The Athletic” also reported that Lingard, the “Pied Piper,” was close to heading to Seoul at a similar time.

Judging from the reports of the three media outlets, it seems to be true that Lingard is connected to Seoul. A Seoul official also admitted that he was in contact with Lingard.

Lingard boasts the highest name value among countless foreigners who have visited the K-League so far. If the transfer is successful, it will naturally create a big buzz. Lingard is considered a star player who possesses not only his skills but also his personal brand.

His career is also splendid. Lingard, an attacking midfielder and winger who was born and raised by Manchester United youth, joined the Manchester United’s first team led by Alex Ferguson in 2011. After gaining experience through loan at Leicester City, Birmingham City, Brighton and Derby County, he played as Manchester United’s main resource from 2015 to 2020, winning the FA Cup, the EFL Cup, and the European Europa League. Notably, he was considered an important player under Jose Mourinho and recorded “career high.”

Lingard, who hit the “jackpot” at West Ham, who left on loan in 2020, returned to Manchester United in 2021 and played for one season before completely transferring to Nottingham Forest in 2022. Lingard, who played for one season at Nottingham, has remained invincible since leaving the team with the expiration of his contract in the summer of 2023.

Lingard seemed likely to go to Saudi R.T. Park, led by coach Steven Gerrard in October, but failed to negotiate in the end. Since then, he has consistently found a new team and posted personal training in Dubai and other places on social media. Last month, Paul Scholes, a “Manchester United senior,” shot back, “Are you trying to play health or actual soccer?” and Lingard replied that he was looking for a new team. 마카오카지노도메인

Sky Sports quoted a source close to the player as saying last month, “Lyngaard just wants to play soccer and is focusing all his energy on finding a new club as soon as possible without being tied to money.” He also said he broke up with his existing agent to move in a “new direction.”

Lingard, who pursued values other than just high salaries, seems to have given up oil money from the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, and decided to take Korea, an unfamiliar land, as his next destination.

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