Cho Young-wook (FC Seoul) revealed why he didn’t do the ceremony.

Seoul won 5-1 in the fifth round of the “Hana Bank K League 1 2024” against Gimcheon Sangmu at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 3rd.

The first goal was scored by Cho Young-wook. He scored the first goal in the 10th minute of the first half when he connected with a right footed shot from a ball that Ilyushchenko gave from the penalty box. It was the first goal and Cho’s first of the season. Seoul then completed the scoring with Ilyushchenko’s multi-goal, clinical cooperation and Dongjin Park.

After the game, Cho Young-wook met at the mixed zone (joint coverage area) and said, “I had a bad performance in the last away game in Gangwon-do, but many fans came even though it was a weekday game. I’m happy to win.”

As for the first goal of the season, he said, “I think I scored a little late. Last year or the year before, I also scored in the opening match. I’m glad I wasn’t late. I helped in the last game and scored today, so I’m trying to keep going.”

After spending five seasons in Seoul from 2018, Cho joined Gimcheon Sangmu last year. With seven consecutive goals in Gimcheon, Cho has displayed stellar performance, tying the record for most consecutive goals scored in the history of K-League 2. With Cho Young-wook’s performance in 28 games and 13 goals, Gimcheon competed for the lead.

Then, he ended his military career in just 10 months. As a member of the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games, he won a gold medal, receiving an exemption from military service. Cho scored four goals in the competition and even scored the finisher in the final against Japan. He returned to Seoul last October after receiving a late basic military drill.

After the opening goal, Cho did not display his celebration by raising his hand. “If I had been discharged and scored a goal, I would have done the ceremony, but I thought I should honor my friends, staff and fans. If I were in Gimcheon now, I would have been the first soldier, but I think I can do the ceremony in the next game,” Cho said.

“If I had played against Seoul as a member of Gimcheon, I think I would have wanted to do better. Gimcheon players told me that I was too relaxed when I went to Seoul. I told Yoon Jong-gyu (a member of Seoul) to run on his own. I am grateful to be in Seoul right now.”

Kim Ki-dong said he apologized to the team before the game. “The team changed every game without knowing all the soccer matches that I wanted. So I apologized because I felt more confused,” Kim said.

In response, Cho Young-wook said, “Rather, the players felt sorry. We had to do better and follow them. We blamed the players, too. I think it went well today. The manager gave me a compliment after the first half. At the beginning of the second half, he said he would be dragged around if the players got slower. He lost points, but the players maintained a good tempo and scored an additional goal.” 업소알바

Seoul will officially enter the race for the top spot by ranking fourth. “I can go up there, but there is not a big gap with the teams below. I have to play a game that I don’t lose. I will lay the groundwork for the team to play in Daegu as the flow is not bad,” Cho said.

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