Son Woong-jung, head coach of SON Football Academy, was accused of child abuse. Son is known to have been accused of abusive language and corporal punishment against his youth players.

According to Yonhap News Agency on the 26th, three people, including coach Son Woong-jung and coach, are reportedly sent to the court for child abuse and are under investigation by the prosecution.

In March, a player A was injured by being hit in the thigh by a coach, and the case reportedly began when he sued.

The player was instructed to jump from the goalpost to the half-line within 20 seconds because of his defeat by the opposing team. However, he failed to make it on time, and four players including the player A reportedly told his coach that he hit Thudding with a corner kick rod while lying face down. 안전놀이터

In addition, the statement included that he was verbally abused by coach Son Woong-jung in March, during the Okinawa off-season training period, for mistakes during training.

The Gangwon Police Agency sent three people, including director Son Woong-jung, to the prosecution in April.

Director Son Woong-jung said in a statement that the investigation is currently underway, but he apologized. However, the complainant’s claim is known to be different from the truth and is going through the process of investigating it.

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