“It’s getting interesting. Over time, coach Kim’s Jeonbuk will gradually get better.”

Jeonbuk Hyundai’s “captain” Kim Jin-soo expressed expectations.

Jeonbuk faced Gangwon FC in the 15th round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at Songam Sports Town in Chuncheon on the 29th, losing 1-2 amid a one-man numerical inferiority.

However, Jeonbuk has begun to take a new path. Former head coach Kim Doo-hyun was appointed as an official coach on the 27th. The existing Jeonbuk coaching staff, including coach Park Won-jae, will assist the new coach Kim Doo-hyun.

As Jeonbuk manager, Kim had six wins, two draws and one loss (17 points and six lost) in nine matches last year, showing his potential as a coach. After the last season, he handed over the baton to Dan Petrescu and served as China’s Chengdu Longcheng head coach. He continued to display leadership by leading his team to second place in the league this season.

“Captain” Kim Jin-soo, who played 86 minutes on the day, expressed his expectations for the Kim Doo-hyun regime.

In an interview with Mixzone, he said, “The coach is new. The result of today’s game was not good, but I think he played well. There were variables (withdrawal), but it’s not just his mistake. It’s everyone’s fault. I think I made a mistake as the captain.”

Regarding playing the first game under coach Kim Doo-hyun, he said, “Positioning is the biggest change. The biggest change today is how we play with the lead in the game. We have only played one game (since the head of the club changed), but the biggest thing I felt was that it was fun.”

Right before the game, Lee Do-hyeon, the team’s general manager, told reporters that it is one of the requests for strong leadership from the new coach. “I want to be a coach who can display the ability to respond well in every situation at that time. What I want is leadership like a chameleon,” Kim said.

When asked what kind of leadership Kim Doo-hyun seems to have, Kim Jin-soo said, “I think he will be good at communicating.”

He said, “When the coach was acting as Jeonbuk coach before, and again this time, he emphasized, ‘Please ask a lot of questions’. He asks me to ask any questions, whether it is personal or soccer. If there is another part of your mind, he also emphasizes that you can talk about it anytime. He said, “I think communication is development.”

Kim Jin-soo, who recalled when he heard the news of Kim Doo-hyun’s appointment, said, “Before that, coach Park Won-jae told me what kind of soccer coach Kim Doo-hyun wanted first. There was a part where I was nervous because there was no head of our team, but now the coach is here. As time goes by, the team will gradually get better.” 먹튀검증

Kim Jin-soo made the final list of two consecutive Asian qualifiers (Singapore and China) for the 2026 North-China World Cup, which will be held under the provisional system of coach Kim Do-hoon in June.

“I felt a little strange (about the promotion announcement). Jeonbuk has always had a lot of players on its A-match list. We have a lot of good players in our team. However, this time, I am hurt a lot by the fact that I am the only one who can go.”

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