Kim Jin-soo said he shed tears at the news of Son Joon-ho, who returned safely from China.

Kim Jin-soo played full-time in the fourth leg of Group C of the 2026 FIFA North and Central America (co-hosted by the United States, Canada and Mexico) World Cup at Rajamangala Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, on the 26th (Korea time) and led the team to a 3-0 victory.

Earlier on the 21st, South Korea drew 1-1 at home against Thailand after a poor match, raising concerns that even the advance to the third qualifying round would be on a rough road, but it won three points with its performance that overwhelmed the opponent in hot weather.

Through the match, the national team stopped the record of consecutive A-match runs in seven games, which began in January against Jordan in the first group match of the Asian Cup.

The victory over Thailand put Korea at three wins and one draw. The team now leads the league with 10 points. China, which defeated Singapore 4-1 at home on the same day, is ranking second with seven points. Thailand is ranking third with four points as it has one win, one draw and two losses. Singapore is ranking last with one point.

Through this victory, Korea almost secured tickets for the third qualifying round, which is given to the top two teams in the group. Korea will play in away games in Singapore on June 6 and against China at home on June 11. If they add just 10,000 more points in both games, they will qualify for the third qualifying round. Even if they lose both games, they will win tickets as long as they do not lose by a large margin.

Kim Jin-soo started two consecutive games following the last home game in Thailand and the away game to prevent Thailand’s attack.

Kim Jin-soo said he shed tears at the news of the safe return of his close friend Son Joon-ho on the eve of the match. “I thought a lot about (Son Jun-ho). Whatever the reason, I heard that he came back healthy and well, so I shed a lot of tears yesterday and I hope to meet Jun-ho as soon as possible,” he said, expressing his longing for his friend.

The following is an interview with Kim Jin-su.

Q: How do you feel about getting a big win.

I think it’s fortunate that we won the victory we wanted.

Q: Did you have any difficulties when 50,000 Thai soccer fans came in hot weather.

Of course, many fans in Thailand and many Korean fans came from Korea, and I think it was more encouraging because as many Korean fans came as Thai fans.

I’m sure you heard about Son Junho.

“I thought a lot about it. Whatever the reason, I heard that I came back healthy and well, so I cried a lot yesterday and I hope to meet Junho as soon as possible.”

Q: There was a scene where you fell at the beginning of the game. Is there any injury.

I got stomped, but it’s not a big deal. Now that the national team has won and finished well, we need to go to our team and work hard again. 업소알바

Q: I think it would have been two consecutive A matches that erase the regret of the Asian Cup.

Through this two-game series, it has been more than 10 years since I played for the national team, and I thought about many things. Also, there was not only loss through the Asian Cup, and I think there was a big learning for me.

In doing so, the two consecutive games this time helped me, and I think it was a game where I thought a lot about what to do in the future.

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