Can Barcelona, which has poor finances, recruit Erling Holan, who has established himself as the world’s best striker.

Spain’s Mundo Deportivo said on the 26th (Korea Standard Time), “It is not Barcelona’s first interest in Holan. In 2021, Holando’s agent and Barcelona contacted him, who stayed in Dortmund for a year and went to Manchester City, and Robert Lewandowski joined Barcelona. Barcelona turned to Lewandowski due to lack of finances.”

“The door to Holan is open. Last month, Holland’s new agent visited Barcelona and met his current director Deku. Barcelona has a definite plan. It plans to bring Holan back around 2025 after Lewandowski leaves. Barcelona is building a new stadium and raising funds. The new stadium will be a great attraction to Holan.”

Barcelona tried to fill Lionel Messi’s departure with Holan. After moving from Salzburg to Dortmund, Holan continued his career as a Bomber. In the 2020-21 season, he scored 27 goals in the German Bundesliga and 10 goals in the UEFA Champions League, attracting attention from big clubs as he also showed his outstanding scoring capacity next season.

Barcelona, which wanted Holan, lacked finances. In the end, it failed to recruit Holan and turned to Lewandowski. Holan went to Manchester City. Last season, he scored 36 goals in the Premier League alone and 12 goals in the UCL. In the English FA Cup, he also scored three goals in four games, playing a decisive role in Manchester City’s treble. 룸알바

He also scored 18 goals in the league and six in the UCL this season. Holan, who proved his skills and star quality, is still drawing attention from Barcelona. With Lewandowski aging and failing to display destructive power as before, Barcelona plans to bring in Holan. Rather, he seems to need more money than when he was hired by Dortmund. It remains to be seen whether he will be able to win the hearts of Holan even if he pays the transfer fee.

As Barcelona is building a new stadium, it is serious about recruiting a star player like Hollande. The direction can be determined only when Xavi Hernandez leaves the team and a new coach arrives, but Holan is a striker that is needed no matter which coach comes. Even if he cannot recruit the striker right away, he seems determined to bring the striker back. Will Barcelona’s dream come true.

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