“I want to be a leader who listens to the players and communicates with his heart.”

About two weeks ago, outfielder Kim Jun-wan (32), who played for the Kiwoom Heroes, announced his retirement. He played for Kiwoom for two seasons, and was notified of his retirement after the season. After much consideration, he revealed his feelings of retirement through his SNS. Kim Jun-wan said at the time, “I am trying to end my professional baseball career for the past 11 years. Every day was a war for me, and I tried to survive, but I think that effort is until today.”

It was one of the high school players’ hopes. It was a rollercoaster baseball career. After graduating from Korea University in 2013, he sought to become a professional player, but failed to receive a draft pick. Fortunately, the NC Dinos accepted him as a training player.

He wasn’t satisfied with his start as a developing player, but he quickly became a member of the main league. He strengthened his presence by banking on his outstanding contact skills, fast feet and wide range of outfield defense. Notably, he played in 122 games in the 2016 season and 104 games in the 2017 season, earning a reputation as a key outfielder. Notably, in the first playoff game against the Doosan Bears in the 2017 season, when the team was losing 2-4, Min Byung-hun’s long-range hit was cleared with a graphic diving catch, laying the groundwork for his team’s come-from-behind victory. It was a memorable scene even now.

However, his heyday was too short. Thanks to his performances in two seasons, he was able to serve in the military in Sangmu, but there was no room after serving in the military. As such, his presence at NC faded and he was released after the 2021 season. Kiwoom also lost its place in the development of young players.

After announcing his retirement, Kim Jun-wan went on a trip to Europe. He got married early this year and went on a honeymoon, but this is the first time he has traveled so leisurely since he became a baseball player. “I’ve finished organizing my mind after deciding to retire, so I had a great trip,” Kim said.

As for his wife, who is still newly married, and will be sad to see her husband no longer wearing the uniform, he bravely said, “I’m upset, but I comforted him that a cooler future could open up.”

I was wondering why he decided to retire because he was still young and skillful. There was a reason why he was able to make Kim Jun-wan’s decision. There was an offer from the Sangmu Baseball Team as a leader. “I thought that if I had to retire someday and move toward a new dream, I should be able to make a bold decision,” Kim said. “It’s too early to say my determination as a leader, but I couldn’t be so good for my coaches to listen to me when I was playing as a player. That’s why I want to be a leader who listens to the players well and communicates with my heart.” 월카지노

Finally, Kim Jun-wan said, “As a player, it was hard to even have a goal. I just fought and endured to survive day by day. There are many brilliant star players, but in order for the team to become strong, there must also be players who support them. I hope that my fans remember me as a player who worked so hard. I will also try my best as a leader for those players.”

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