For those in all fields, the Hall of Fame is literally the highest honor.

The Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) announced its membership in 2024 (Korea time). Currently, there are a total of 347 members who are registered in Cooperstown, New York. Among them, only 137 members were chosen by the BBWAA. This is how tricky it is.

It is the most difficult to enter among the four major sports, including the NBA, NHL, and NFL. This is because there are many judges to select. Other sports have a judging committee with less than 50 members. This is why the proportion of famous members is larger than that of other sports, and it receives more spotlight.

However, there are some parts that cannot be considered the best even if they are members of the MLB’s prestigious exhibition and were selected by the U.S. Baseball Reporters. Subjective part plays a role. The reason why there is only one unanimous member in the past is that the individual journalist’s personal supervision influenced the vote.

Right-hander Tom Seever, outfielder Ken Griffey Jr., shortstop Derek Jeter, Karl Ripken Jr., and heating machine Tony Gwynne were legendary figures who were unanimous. However, a small number of reporters did not vote for them.

Three pitchers have failed to join the prestigious competition despite their ranking at the top in the multiple wins category. Roger Clemens with 353 wins, Bobby Matthews with 297 wins, and Tommy John with 288 wins. Clemens is not eligible to join the prestigious competition because he is related to drugs. Matthews was a pitcher in the late 1880s.

Candy Cummings was one of the earliest pitchers to join the prestigious pro baseball with the least wins. He won 145 games. In 1939, he became a senior in the early days of his career. The fewest pitchers in reality were Dizzy Dean with 160 wins and Sandy Koufax with 165 wins. Despite their short careers as pitchers, they were powerful. Dean had the most wins with 30 wins and 28 wins in this season. Koufax has won three Cy Young Awards and won three Cy Young Awards.

John (80), who successfully recovered from his elbow ligament surgery for the first time in the history of professional sports, has failed to enter the game even with 288 wins, 231 wins, and an ERA of 3.34. John, a former sinker ball pitcher, only garnered 31.7 percent support in the voting of U.S. baseball reporters. He has yet to be rescued by the senior committee as well.

He is the hero of Tommy John Surgery meant for sports medicine, and is being neglected even though he made a comeback and achieved a multiplier of nearly 300 wins. In Korea, where pitching style does not dominate the game, it was a catch-and-go pitch. It is not a power feature. He had 2,245 strikeouts in 4,710.1 innings during his 26 years in the MLB. All he has won is four All-Star titles.

In comparison, Jack Morris (68) had 254 wins and 186 losses during his 18 years in the MLB. His ERA is 3.90. It is the worst ERA among the 87 pitchers who joined the Hall of Fame. Morris also failed to win the Cy Young Award and was selected as the All-Star five times. However, he showed off his strong pitching in the postseason. He led the Minnesota Twins to the World Series title in 1991. He also won the MVP award. 헤라카지노도메인

Game 7 of the WSJ where he faced Atlanta Braves rookie John Smoltz (7.1 scoreless innings) is a historic pitch. This is why Morris was able to revive himself due to the BBWAA despite his 3.90 ERA after completing his 10 years of eligibility. In Game 7 of the brinkmanship match, he pitched 10 complete innings in overtime to lead the team to a 1-0 shutout victory.

Tommy John, who had 288 wins and a 3.90 ERA, showed off his impressive pitching style, which remained in the minds of his fans, became a crossroads of fame.

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