“I recommended it to the Asian Games when I was the technical chairman.”

LG Twins Park Myung-geun is the only rookie selected for the Arizona camp for the 2023 season. A sidearm pitcher from Raongo who was nominated in the 3rd round, his fast ball range of around 150km and aggressive pitching are impressive. LG plans to raise him as a bullpen agent. 메이저사이트

Still, it is doubtful whether a newcomer who has just joined the team can break through the LG bullpen, which is full of good pitchers.

However, LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop highly praised Park Myung-geun and evaluated him as the dark horse of this season. On the 27th, coach Yeom departed for Arizona, the United States, a training ground through Incheon International Airport, and was asked about Park Myung-geun in an interview with reporters. I recommended that it could be written well,” he said, revealing the behind-the-scenes story.

Regarding Myeong-geun Park, coach Yeom said, “First of all, he is a good pitcher. He has a good mentality and knows how to fight when he sees him throw. The breaking ball is not bad,” he said. You need a pitch to catch, but for a right-handed hitter, you can pitch well enough if you raise it by 20 percent.”

Director Yeom continued, “I’m even thinking about entering the opening game,” and highly evaluated Park Myung-geun’s potential.

When Yeom was the technical chairman, LG selected Park Myeong-geun in the third round, and after that, as Yeom became the new LG coach, Yeom and Park Myung-geun were able to work together. It can be said that LG and director Yeom had the same eyes.

Can Park Myung-geun become a full-fledged rookie immediately like Yeom’s evaluation? Available in Arizona.

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