Soccer stars who visited China, including Christina Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, did not play in the game, facing strong local opposition.

Feng Pai, a local media outlet in China, criticized Ronaldo and Messi in an editorial on Sunday, saying, “Please respect our Chinese fans. We are not a tool for some people to make money.”

The incident started with a friendly match between Inter Miami, Messi’s team, and the Hong Kong All-Star team held in Hong Kong on the previous day. Inter Miami beat Hong Kong by a score of four to one, but Messi did not play due to a hamstring injury.

As a result, more and more fans booed Messi at the stadium, and many people demanded his refund. “Inter Miami’s three-day open training attracted nearly 40,000 spectators, but when the game started, Messi was sitting on the bench and did not warm up,” The Paper said. “It is a disgraceful tour.”

Earlier last month, Ronaldo visited China with his team Al-Nasr to hold a friendly match there, but the match itself was canceled due to unknown reasons. Ronaldo held a press conference and apologized to Chinese fans.

The paper criticized Inter Miami and Al-Nasr for their excessive world tour schedules since last month, which led to poor quality of the game and tired Messi and Ronaldo. Seeing them injured and not playing, he also sarcastically said, “It’s like being stuck in a pickup truck and forced to go to business.” 월카지노도메인

Messi and Ronaldo must be tired of the murderous schedule, but they went to the U.S. and Saudi Arabia for higher salaries than Europe, respectively, and stressed that they are obligated to play. “Whether it’s a streaming contract between Messi and Apple or Ronaldo’s role as a Saudi ambassador, the two enjoy tremendous benefits and have a corresponding duty to play,” The Paper said. “The so-called ‘Last Dance’ (the last heyday of famous sports stars) led by business will always be next.”

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