Jun Amano (32, Jeonbuk Hyundai) expressed disappointment at the remarks of Ulsan Hyundai manager Hong Myung-bo. Still, he described coach Hong, who led him to the K-League stage, as a ‘gift’.

At a press conference held at the clubhouse in Bongdong-eup, Wanju-gun, Jeonbuk on the 12th, Amano said, “I respected coach Hong Myung-bo and felt grateful. He fought for the championship. He fought alongside the coach to lift the trophy, but he regretted speaking through the media.”

On the 11th, Ulsan Hyundai coach Hong Myung-bo strongly criticized him, saying, “Amano is the worst Japanese I have ever met” and “does not respect our players and club.” When Amano moved to Ulsan’s rival, Jeonbuk, coach Hong openly expressed his disappointment to him.

Amano, who played for Yokohama Marinos in the Japanese J-League, moved to Ulsan on loan last year and set foot on the Korean stage. Amano was the main player in Ulsan’s victory last year. He participated in 30 league games and scored 9 goals and 1 assist, making a significant contribution to helping Ulsan achieve a great feat in 17 years.

At the beginning of last season, when the striker was absent, Amano was responsible for scoring with ‘zero top’. After Martin Adam (Ulsan) came, he took charge of playmaking in the second line with his creative passing and ability to release pressure. The rental period expired at the end of last season, but it was likely that he would continue to accompany Ulsan. It is known that both Ulsan and Amano wanted to renew the contract.

However, he chose Jeonbuk, which offered a higher salary. Director Hong Myung-bo was furious that Amano had transferred after seeing ‘money’. Coach Hong saw that Amano had betrayed his trust with the Ulsan club. This is the reason why he made a rather strong statement toward Amano.

Amano’s position was different. Stigmatized as a ‘traitor’, he said, “Director Hong Myung-bo said that he was a ‘liar’ and ‘choosed money’, but this is not true. We talked about the contract with Ulsan from last summer, but there was no official offer from the Ulsan club even after the season ended.”

In fact, Ulsan handed over the contract in mid-November, two weeks after Amano returned to Japan. However, at that time, Amano was already in a situation where he was in a situation where he was already in a mood with Jeonbuk, which moved quickly for himself. Amano said, “It felt good that coach Kim Sang-sik and the club’s power reinforcement department were enthusiastic and talked about (contract) to me. Jeonbuk finished adjusting the lease with Yokohama (original team) before the end of the season and proceeded with negotiations.”

Amano, who was ‘publicly shot’ by director Hong Myung-bo, said, “Yesterday (Director Hong Myung-bo’s remarks) was a bit shocking. He was disappointed, not disappointed,” he confessed. Still, he said, “I respect director Hong Myung-bo. He brought me to the K-League, and I think of him as a comrade and a gift who fought together for the championship.” 스포츠토토

Amano thanked manager Hong Myung-bo for bringing him to the K-League stage. However, some point out that Amano did not accurately tell the process of transferring to Jeonbuk. It is noteworthy that director Hong will bring up another story about Amano’s remarks.

Now, Amano wears a green uniform and walks around Jeonju Castle (Jeonju World Cup Stadium). Jeonbuk “As a Jeonbuk player, I will make sure to achieve the treble (K-League, FA Cup, Asian Football Confederation Champions League championship) with coach Kim Sang-sik and the players. (Ulsan) It would be nice to compete in each position,” he expressed his aspirations.

Jeonbuk, who just reached the top of the FA Cup last season, will play the opening match against Ulsan, the K-League champions, at the end of February. The main character of this match has already been decided as Amano. He said, “Jung Seung-hyun (Ulsan) joked, ‘Be careful on the playground’ in Japanese. I decided to transfer knowing the importance of my decision. I have already made up my mind to play against Ulsan this season.”

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