Ulsan Hyundai, which added a third star by winning the K-League 1 after 17 years, unveiled its 2023 season uniform.

바카라사이트 The new uniform, which was released, showed intensity by inserting a thicker traditional stripe pattern. The stripe pattern of blue and yellow, which is the identity color of Ulsan, is expressed widely to add neatness and clarity.

The ‘third star’, which the team and fans longed for, was also engraved. Ulsan, which won the K-League 1 championship for the first time in 17 years last year, added another shining star to its emblem. In particular, the meaning was emphasized by placing the third star in a towering form in the middle of the existing two stars.

Black, the color of Ulsan Seungri, is also newly utilized. In the existing blue and yellow combination, black was actively used in the sleeve part to create a new look. Over the past two seasons, Ulsan’s win rate, wearing the Third Brand Day uniform, which has mainly been black, has reached 80%.

The 40th anniversary logo will be attached to the 2023 season uniform. Founded in 1983, the main concept of Ulsan’s 40th anniversary logo is ‘harmony of old and new’. The appearance of the mascot ‘Tiger’ at the time of its establishment and the current mascot ‘Mita’, who is already celebrating its third year, running together shows off the charm of ‘Newtro’.

In addition, the shiny gold K-League official emblem patch is attached. The golden K-League official emblem patch given to the winning team of the previous season can only be enjoyed by Ulsan players and fans.

On the 3rd, Ulsan will inform about the sales price of the uniform, basic marking and options through the club’s social media channels. The first sale will be held at UHSHOP, the club’s official online shopping mall, from 7 pm on the 6th.

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