It’s been 46 days since Mike Trout was dropped from the Angels’ lineup. The remaining games of the Angels are now 37 games, and the time to see the coexistence of Shohei Ohtani and Trout is getting smaller and smaller.

Trout was replaced after complaining of pain in his left hand in a game against the San Diego Padres on July 4 (Korean time). Upon examination, he was diagnosed with a fracture of the left hip bone. It was news like a thunderbolt that it would take 8 weeks to recover. He entered the injured list from the 5th and has not yet returned to action. He didn’t even play in rehab.카지노사이트

However, ahead of the Tampa Bay Race and the double header on the 20th, there was a sudden expectation that Trout could make a surprise comeback. The Orange County Register, a local media outlet in California, reported on the same day that Trout could return for the second game of the doubleheader. He reported, “It’s not very likely, but Trout could be in for a second game. Depending on how Trout feels about his condition, the club will decide whether to return or not.”

But in the end, this didn’t happen. Angels manager Phil Nevin explained at a meeting with reporters, “(Trout) took a lot of swings on the 18th. Yesterday (19th), the pain remained a little, but today his condition has improved. The time to return is approaching.” did. He didn’t say when he would be back though. At the same time, he added, “It’s still an observation phase. I look at the condition and treat it. When Trout feels that he is in a good condition, he swings. I see the condition every day.” There was no nuance that he would suddenly return in the second game of the doubleheader. He didn’t even actually show up.

The Angels won 1-1 in the doubleheader against Tampa Bay. They won the first game 7-6 and lost the second game 4-18. 61 wins and 64 losses in 125 regular season games. As the chances of advancing to the postseason are getting slimmer, the winning rate is getting farther than 50%.

The industry believes that Ohtani is very likely to leave the Angels once he becomes a free agent. There are only 37 games left for Ohtani to play in an Angels uniform. There are bound to be fewer days when Ohtani and Trout are together.

From 2012, when he won the rookie of the year, to the 2020 season, Trout steadily held the center of the Angels lineup without major injuries. However, from 2021, the number of days missing due to injuries is increasing. He injured his calf in 2021 and only played in 36 games. Last year, he only played 119 games due to back pain. This year, he is suspended for 81 games.

Coincidentally, Trout’s injuries became frequent after Ohtani’s rapid growth as an MVP-level player. The Angels are a team that has both Trout, who won the MVP three times, and Ohtani, who is one of a kind, but they did not make good use of the best of both players. This year, ahead of the trade deadline, we expected a combination of ‘Trautani’ to join forces again in fall baseball by actively reinforcing power, but the current reality is that the possibility of advancing to the postseason has fallen below 1%.

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