If the system is not restored, the ‘Klinsman crisis’ repeats itself.

The “lost year” that occurred due to former national soccer team coach Jurgen Klinsmann was a disaster caused by the association. Chairman Chung Mong-gyu appointed Klinsmann in a typical “top-down” manner. It was a “parachute appointment” without going through the national team’s power enhancement committee. At the time, some members of the committee were informed of Klinsmann’s appointment only right before the announcement. In fact, the committee was paralyzed.

The National Team Power Enhancement Committee is an organization that mainly deals with the appointment, dismissal, and renewal of a leader. Although it was downgraded to the level of ‘advice and advice’ following the revision of the articles of association in 2021, it is a subcommittee that still exists. If it is not a National Team Power Enhancement Committee, at least a candidate must be confirmed after discussion by the Technology Development Committee.

The problem is that the committee is not functioning properly. Incredibly, various messages about the new coach have poured out from within the association since 16 days before Klinsmann’s replacement was confirmed. Opinions have emerged that “I will go as a domestic coach no matter what,” and specific candidates such as Ulsan HD coach Hong Myung-ho, FC Seoul coach Kim Ki-dong, Jeju United coach Kim Hak-bum, and former Gangwon FC coach Choi Yong-soo have been mentioned. Now, it seems that it is a given that a domestic coach will take over the national team.

There was no mention of the next candidate at the National Team Power Enhancement Committee meeting on the 15th. It is known that it was limited to evaluating Klinsmann’s error and collecting opinions through dismissal. Nevertheless, the name of candidates is being discussed. It can be interpreted that several key figures within the association are voicing their voices casually. In fact, candidates began to appear starting with the executive meeting on the 13th.

It is also proof that the system has completely collapsed. The association originally operated a national supervisory appointment committee. Kim Pan-gon, current coach of Malaysia, took the helm and appointed national team leaders at various levels through transparent and reasonable procedures. He did not appoint the chairman alone, but effectively established a system to determine candidates by communicating meticulously and thoroughly with internal members.

In fact, those who took the helm under this system achieved their own results. Paulo Bento made it to the round of 16 at the Qatar World Cup, and Kim Hak-beom, then head coach of the under-23 national team, responded with a gold medal at the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games. Kim Eun-joong, a former coach of the under-20 national team who became the head coach under Chairman Kim Pan-gon, led the milestone of the semifinals of the World Cup.

The association abolished this good system on its own. The appointment committee of the national coach disappeared, and the authority of the national team power reinforcement committee was reduced. That’s how coach Klinsmann appeared. Coach Klinsmann, who took the helm of the national team with the intuition and judgment of a president, put the golden generation that Korean soccer boasted in a quagmire. It was a “talent” caused by the appointment of a coach with a rule of thumb.

As things stand now, instead of going through a meticulous and meticulous process, candidates will inevitably be decided according to the claims of the chairman or some vocal executives. 유흥알바

A coach’s nationality is not just important. As some officials at the association said, it may be better for a Korean leader who is well aware of Korean sentiment to take the helm in order to resolve conflicts among players.

However, the collapse of the national team was ultimately caused by the association’s complacent appointment. The first thing to do at this juncture is to restore the system. It is also necessary to quickly appoint a national team coach as the second qualifying round for the World Cup begins next month, but if the team does not establish itself anew and in good health, it may have to repeat the nightmare again.

Chairman Chung should know that the judgment of system and collective intelligence, not one’s intuition, is much safer.

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