Right-handed pitcher Chae Ji-sun (28) transferred from LG to NC.

He was a great pitching prospect during his days at Gwangju First High School. A right-handed fireballer who threw the fastest ball in high school.

In 2015, the year he graduated from high school, he joined Doosan in the 8th place in the 2nd 1st round. Busan High School Ryu Jin-wook, who became a teammate, was nominated as the 13th ranked pitcher in the second round at the time, so he was a more promising pitcher.

Chae Ji-sun began to show potential in 2020 after completing his military service.

At the time of the camp, he made a relief appearance in the evaluation match against Yomiuri, Japan, and blocked it with 5 strikeouts and no runs in 2 innings while spraying light speed balls in the late 140km to early 150km.

Chae Ji-seon’s strength is her horse-level circle changeup. He quickly falls to the outside of the left-hander and induces a whistle. This is why he can have strength against left-handed hitters.

However, the reason why I haven’t been able to properly explode my potential so far is because of my anxiety.

There is a big difference between a good day and a bad day. There were ups and downs throughout the season, so I couldn’t give you a firm belief.

In particular, there are often cases where the ever-changing circle change-up leads to a wild pitch. In other words, he uses a changeup that is difficult for batters and catchers to respond to. In other words, it can become a terrifying weapon if it is zeroed.

Chae Ji-seon moved to LG with Ham Deok-ju during the 2-2 trade with Yang Seok-hwan and Nam-ho in the 2021 season.

After his first-team debut in the 2020 season, he had a 4.00 earned run average with 1 win and 3 holds in 54 innings in 55 games. He played mostly in the Futures League this year, posting an ERA of 3.63 with 2 wins, 1 loss and 3 holds in 17⅓ innings in 17 appearances in the Futures League.

The third professional stage team. Opportunities are expected to increase compared to the days of LG.

Lim Seon-nam, general manager of NC, said, “Ji-sun Chae is a pitcher who has a good fastball and can use a variety of pitches, and he is a player who can work well in the first team.” “I expect to add strength to the bullpen,” he said.

A pitcher with great potential to grow into a key pitcher in Pilseungjo when his potential explodes.

Why did LG readily trade such a pitcher for runner-up agent Choi Seung-min?

In this trade, LG actively requested Choi Seung-min. After internal discussions, NC hired Chae Ji-seon, a bullpen pitcher with great potential. There are many young pitchers with fast balls in NC, but pitchers are more than enough, the more the better.

The NC side explained, “There was a recommendation from an internal staff member. After discussing how to obtain the necessary resources, Ji-sun Chae was chosen.”

Chae Ji-seon’s NC trip was influenced by the revival of the 2nd draft.

LG, which has a thick player base, is considered a team with a high possibility of leaking the second draft, which will be revived this winter.

As the number of protected players has been reduced from 40 to 35 to promote active transfers, there is a high likelihood that more players will transfer to other teams. Chae Ji-sun, who had difficulty entering the first team due to the thick bullpen, was also likely to be leaked.

Rather than being taken away anyway, he used it in advance as a card to acquire the quick-footed outfielder he needed for the championship.안전놀이터

Chae Ji-sun will join Team N (group 1) from the 20th. Drew Luczynski, who was active as an ace until last year, will start a new start toward the bullpen ace wearing the number 40 uniform.

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