“Do you still feel that I am a crazy person?”

The official NBA website, NBA.com, said on the 13th (Korean time), “James Harden (Philadelphia) made me feel that there are many problems with the Brooklyn Nets. He didn’t give a specific reason, but he could definitely sense that there was a problem.”

According to NBA.com, Harden said, “There were so many problems in Brooklyn. It is certainly. There were too many things internally. I’m not going to expose all of this to the media, but Brooklyn is a troubled organization, so I made the decision to transfer.”

He said, “Looking at it now, do I look like a crazy person? I wouldn’t look like a crazy person,” he said. “The media drove me to give up, but I won’t look like that now. I saw what was going on, and I knew I wasn’t inclined to this kind of thing. Just playing basketball and having fun is my inclination.”

This isn’t the first time Harden has left an interview like this. Even in December of last year, “The team had no structure. Even superstars need a basic structure. Structures must be present for them to be able to demonstrate their capabilities. Internal things were very different from what I expected. People think I gave up, but the following summer Kevin Durant also wanted to leave Brooklyn. Do you still think I am a giver?”

I feel that there are so many things piled up in Brooklyn. In fact, after Harden conducted an interview like this, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant requested trades at the same time and moved their teams to Dallas and Phoenix, respectively. Irving also delivered sharp criticism toward Brooklyn, saying, “I wanted to play for a respected team” right after the transfer. 메이저놀이터

While the details haven’t been released, it can be sensed that the players’ feelings towards the Brooklyn Nets are really negative. There are players who keep wanting to leave the team, and in the tone of the interviews left after the transfer, you can feel the venom. What happened in Brooklyn, and what is going on?

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