It was pointed out that the South Korean parliament and the heads of local governments interfered in soccer more than necessary.

On February 21, Vietnam’s Kenmehr Yvonne said, “Many Korean lawmakers and metropolitan mayors expressed their opinions on the immediate dismissal of German national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann. This is an act that goes against FIFA’s principle that requires politics not to interfere.”

“Ken Me a Yvonne” is a famous Vietnamese news outlet that ranked eighth in the Internet communication volume of the media in January 2024. “When coach Jurgen Klinsmann was dismissed from the Korean national team, head coach Andreas Herzok (56, Austria) criticized the Korea Football Association for allowing politics to interfere with soccer professionalism,” he said.

Coach Andreas Herzog said in Austria’s biggest newspaper “Kronen Zeitung” that Chung Mong-gyu, president of the Korea Football Association, has always supported Klinsmann, but faced heavy political pressure. “It is regrettable that I gave in to external pressure in the end.”
According to “Kronen Zeitung,” head coach Andreas Herzok said, “We met the criteria necessary to extend the contract from the 18th Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup to the 23rd FIFA North-China World Cup in 2026 with Klinsmann.” 룸알바

“Before Jordan shattered South Korea’s dream of winning the Asian Cup for the first time in 64 years, South Korea was undefeated in 13 consecutive A-match games,” said Andreas Herzok, assistant coach of the team. “It’s such a pity.”
Korea, ranked 22nd in the world, lost to Jordan, ranked 70th, 0-2 in the semifinals, failing to advance to the Asian Cup final. There was no excuse for the match, including 0:7 effective shooting and 0.82:1.70.

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