Bae Joon-ho (21) of the English Championship Stoke City once again showed off his “crazy talent.” With his magical touch, he made his third assist of this season. Dennis Bergkamp put his stepping stone on the chasing goal with his soft touch pass while playing active.

Bae Joon-ho started an away game against Blackburn in the 31st round of the 2023-2024 English Championship at Ewood Park in Blackburn, England on Sunday (Korea time). He deployed as a one-top for a 4-3-3 format. He was in charge of passing passes to teammates as he was slumped to the second line while standing at the center attack.

His team assisted Niall Ennis in a chasing goal at the end of the first half when he was trailing 0-3. In the 39th minute of the first half, Boutur Bürger turned his left foot and touched it with his left foot to assist Niall Ennis in scoring. He connected the through-pass that was stabbed from the back with a turn motion and a smooth touch pass. He floated the ball over the opponent’s defender’s body, opening a chance and putting a stepping stone to Ennis’ right foot shooting.

He created assist with his amazing positioning and creative play. He recalled the luxurious touches of Bergkamp and Dimitar Berbatov, who were nicknamed “touch craftsmen” when he was active. His accurate predictions about the pass, movements that he receives by killing the ball, and movements that creatively passed over the keys of the opponent team’s defenders to connect the pass to his teammates were all naturally performed like water flowing. 

Bae Joon-ho played full-time in a wide range of movements based on the frontier. He was dragged to the ground by conceding three goals first in the first half, but he did not give up and contributed to the chasing goal. He shone brightly despite his team’s 1-3 defeat. He is continuing to grow by playing side, center, second-line attack and even one-top this season. 월카지노주소

Despite Bae Jun-ho’s assistance in his third season, the Stoke Seat was completely defeated by Blackburn 1-3. The team had eight wins, eight draws, and 15 losses. It fell to 20th place with 32 points, the same as Birmingham City, where Paik Seung-ho belongs. It is three points ahead of the relegation zone Queens Park Rangers (29 points). It will have a round 32 match against the Queens Park Rangers at home on Saturday.

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