He still had a fierce look at the players. And he also had a lot of faith in them. UAE coach Paulo Bento was steadily preparing for the Asian Cup.

On the afternoon of the 10th, local time in Doha, Qatar, he visited the Al Egla training site. He visited the training site of the UAE national team. It was to see Bento. The training site was familiar. One year ago in December 2022, the Korean team used the site as the training site for the Qatar World Cup. As expected, the head of Korea at that time was Bento.

We couldn’t see Bento for a long time. The local police in Qatar, who were guarding the training site, failed to enter the training site. Asian Cup officials came in person and managed to enter the training site after a scuffle. Initially, the 15-minute training was revealed, but it was already quite a while later. It was about five minutes. Training was already in full swing.

I watched Bento. I was looking at the players with my arms crossed. He also showed his musings.

I had a few words with UAE reporters. The topic of conversation was trust. “Bentoo is trustworthy. He had six wins and one loss after Bento’s appointment. I lost once in the end, but I’m still okay. I’m improving UAE soccer,” they said.

He also made a bone-in joke. 헤라카지노 A reporter asked, “Are you here to see the UAE or to see Bento?” “Actually, I’m here to see Bento.” Then the reporter said, “He led Korea in the World Cup and did a good job. He is a good coach.”

It changed the subject. Quite a few Koreans said they missed Bento. Then UAE reporters were surprised. They wondered why they missed him when there was “Jürgen Klinsmann.” He tipped off the controversy over telecommuting. Then UAE reporters were completely surprised, saying, “I didn’t know that would happen.”

It was a bit bitter. Bento stayed in Korea with his family throughout the whole time he was in charge of Korea. The same was true of Bento’s staff.

The UAE is in Group C with Iran, Hong Kong and Palestine at the Asian Cup.

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