“As I look into and analyze the circumstances of both teams, my perspective on football broadens.”

Former South Jeolla coach Jeon Jeon Jun-joon (50), who is active as a member of the Technology Research Group (TSG), which has been reborn as a “think tank” that analyzes the performance of the professional soccer K-League and studies ways to improve it, said, “I am opening my eyes to soccer.”메이저놀이터

Director Jeon recently met with this magazine in Cheongna, Incheon and said, “Looking at both clubs from a third-person perspective while playing TSG, the way I analyze the game has definitely changed.” I worry a lot about finding the right one, but after studying and looking at the circumstances of both teams, my horizons widen.”

To secure expertise, TSG members are in charge of holders of P-level licenses or related doctoral degrees, former and current K-League coaches. They are dispatched to all the K-League 1st and 2nd divisions to watch matches and rate players. In addition, through the game evaluation meeting, the round’s best 11 and the best player (MVP) are selected.

Coach Jeon led Jeonnam in 2021 and won the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup for the first time as a second division (K League 2) team. At the time, they faced Daegu FC, which belonged to the first division, and even after losing 0-1 in the first leg of the final held at home, they won 4-3 after a slugfest in the second leg of the away game, thanks to the away multi-scoring principle, and stood at the top. It is remembered as a game in which the tactical ability of the former coach, who reacted calmly and systematically to the power under one hand, was properly demonstrated.

Nevertheless, in the increasingly fierce competition for promotion to the second division, he had a lot of trouble as the head of Jeonnam with a poor squad. Eventually, in June of last year, I let go of the baton. He said, “I got the TSG offer right away (after coming out of Jeonnam), but at the time I was very tired and tired. I wanted to rest. But after a while, I got to watch the game again.” He laughed and said, “I got to play TSG this year, but I put the hard memories behind me on the field and started to do it again with passion.”

He analyzes various team colors from close range, and he too breaks preconceived notions. “In the past, it was negative for a certain team to play with a few key players, but now I feel that that is also an important strategy. It was a change of thinking that I was not insisting on something, but that I was making the most of my resources.” Coach Jeon emphasized that through TSG, the tactics of each team in the K-League have matured more than before. He said, “There are definitely many things that are different from the K-League a year or two ago. Aren’t there a lot of fans in the K-League these days? I think the tactical development is also a major factor.”

Regarding the K-League 2 (Part 2), where he participated, “Teams that only defended in the past are trying to link with offense. A team that produces results only by defending can actually be read within three games. Because the pressure is weak. Now, whether it is a three-back or a four-back, it has developed to fit the team and build up to suit the opponent.” He evaluated, “The way the weak team naturally catches the strong team has also diversified from the simple way of defending in the past, count attacking, and obtaining set pieces in dangerous areas, such as’how to set numbers’.”

He also continues to study La Liga in Spain, which signed an MOU with the K-League. “There are a lot of teams with different styles. Barcelona have one or two promised plays that make their opponents difficult while putting their form into play. Real Madrid has a thick line, but maximizes individual abilities. Villarreal kept changing to suit the opposing team. Atlético Madrid are good at attacking play based on the famous modified three-back (3-5-2).”

Coach Jeon has the will to contribute to improving the performance of the K-League, which is the ultimate goal of TSG management. And he vowed to show the appearance of an ‘evolved genius’ if given the opportunity to make a comeback as a field leader. He said, “I think it is desirable as a leader to focus on the maximum capabilities of the players I have. The following is a tactical idea that fits that,” he promised, “if I return to the field as a leader, I will approach with a wider perspective.”

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