Tottenham Hotspur’s recruitment of Antonio Nusa is progressing positively.

Tottenham, which succeeded in rebuilding under coach Enze Postecoglou. It had a successful first half of the year with existing players and freshmen in harmony. Although the form fell compared to the very beginning, Tottenham could still hold hope for a “win.”

For a more intense second half, Tottenham pushed for additional reinforcements. There was some achievement. Radu Dragusin was brought from Genoa to thicken the center back Debs, and Timo Werner was on loan from Leipzig to fill Son’s void.

He is also making moves to prepare for the future along with the present. The protagonist is Nusa from Club Brugge, an 18-year-old promising young player, but he has already established himself as a starting player in his team and has shown competitiveness in the professional arena. He is a multi-resource player who can handle entire areas of attack and can become a new weapon for Tottenham as a “crack-type” winger. Some in Norway say he is similar to Neymar thanks to his brilliant personal skills.

Tottenham consistently pursued recruitment of Nusa. Thomas Teke, a Belgian football news outlet, said on Wednesday (Korea time), “Tottenham wants to offer 30 million euros (43.5 billion won) to recruit Nusa. Teke is most likely to leave Club Brugge at the end of this season. The deal is not complete yet. However, Nusa wants to move to Tottenham. Club Brugge will conduct negotiations with Tottenham.” 월카지노주소

Talks are continuing. “Tottenham is continuing discussions with Club Brugge regarding recruitment of Nusa,” said Dan Kilpatrick of the British media Evening Standard on Tuesday.

And on the 26th, football journalist François Plateau had an update on Tottenham and Nusa. “There was a positive conversation between Tottenham and Brugge regarding Nusa’s transfer. A lot of things were discussed, including how to pay the transfer fee, options, and re-lease the transfer fee. Nusa is hoping to spend the rest of the season in Brugge and, after the season is over, join Tottenham,” he said.

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