Jamal Musiala’s performance was revived from the first game of the second half.

Bayern, which played the 17th round of the 2023-2024 German Bundesliga at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, won 3-0 against Hoffenheim on the 13th (Korea time). Bayern, which caught its first game in the second half of the year, has closely followed the leader Bayer 04 Leverkusen by one point with 16 games so far.

Musiala was definitely the winner. Both goals showed off his individual skills. At the 18th minute in the first half, the first goal was expected to score a cross as he received the ball from the right side, and it was close to square to shoot. However, Musiala’s low and sophisticated infront shot hit the corner of the goal.

In the 25th minute of the second half, Mussiala assembled the attack after receiving a pass from the defense right in front of the penalty area. He broke down the opponent’s defense and lured them with short dribbles. Then he gave the ball to you with Leroy, and when you returned the pass, Mussiala, who became a no-mark, was able to finish with only his feet lightly.

Mousiala also displayed strong shots that hit the post, the most in games with three successful dribbling breaks, and two key passes (passes that led to teammates’ shots). He also secured the second place in his team by stealing the ball three times, and displayed his contribution to defense with one interception.

Musiala had five goals and two assists in the league. The match against Hoffenheim was Musiala’s second multi-goal game of this season, and it is also true that the multi-goal game against Darmstadt in October last year was a game in which his team scored eight goals while being outnumbered by the opponent team’s exit. This time, he certainly led the team to victory.

Musiala was one of the most disappointing players for Bayern in the first half of the year compared to expectations. Three goals and two assists in 10 games in the first half were not bad performances, but their actual performance was different from what they were considered as the world’s best prospects until last season. In particular, the advantage of combining the elegant dribbling ability with the ball attached to the foot and the judgment that enables high-efficiency play was not well demonstrated, and the ball was shown to be pulled inefficiently. In the aftermath of the injury, he seemed to have lost both agility and judgment.

Mussiala’s slump was more noticeable, contrasting with Jude Bellingham, who was mentioned as one of the top three prospects in the Bundesliga until last season, emerging as the world’s top star after moving to Real Madrid, and Florian Birz putting Bayer 04 Leverkusen to the lead in the Bundesliga.

However, Musiala’s performance improved noticeably in the first game of the second half. Thanks to Musiala leading the attack and finishing the pass well, you were able to post two assists even in a match where you did not look very good. You broke one offensive point per game with eight goals and 10 assists. 라바카지노주소

It is hard to be a “Plan A” against the strong team, but the offensive combination was good on the day. When Mussiala held the ball for a long time in the center and shook it, you on the left kept pace with a breakthrough and penetration, and veteran Thomas Muller was deployed on the right to share the role of playmaker. Mussiala, who is versatile but not exceptional in one field, shared the burden from the right and left.

Harry Kane and You led the attack on Bayern in the first half. If Mussiala joins the team, his chances of winning the title will be even higher. Recovering his physical condition, which played a number of roles in directly accepting Kim Min-jae’s passes right after the opening, could provide a more comfortable environment for Kim Min-jae, who will return after the Qatar Asian Cup.

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