England’s English Premier League (EPL) Tottenham Hotspur and Portuguese Primeira Liga have fallen into difficulties again as the negotiations for the transfer of Pedro Poro from Sporting CP are nearing their end. As the deadline for the transfer market is approaching, some even raise the possibility of a breakdown in negotiations.

On the 30th local time, Sky Sports, a British media outlet, reported that “Tottenham are still waiting for the conclusion of the final negotiations.” Some voices say, “Isn’t Tottenham’s chairman Daniel Levy unable to come to a conclusion while tapping the calculator until the last minute?”

The January transfer window closes at midnight on the 31st, UK local time. With just over a day left, the two sides have yet to sign a final contract. According to multiple media outlets, face-to-face negotiations have already ended.

In the midst of this, on the same day, Portuguese media Record (Record) pointed to ‘Tottenham’s hesitation’ as the cause of this situation. The media claimed, “It is a situation where Tottenham is not pleased with the cost of going out in the process of paying the prisoner transfer fee.”

It is said that Tottenham agreed to pay 45 million euros (KRW 60.06 billion) of the prisoner’s buyout amount proposed by Sporting. 바카라사이트

However, in the process of raising this amount, an additional bank loan interest expense of 3 million euros (4 billion won) is required, and because of this, the media explains that Tottenham has yet to come to a conclusion. There are also observations that the deal that has been dragged on for a month in an attempt to save 4 billion won may finally collapse.

Tottenham’s POW transfer negotiations have oscillated between progress and stalemate throughout this month. Tottenham initially offered Sporting 32.5 million pounds (49.7 billion won), but was rejected, and since then, it has barely caught Sporting’s heart by raising the offer amount little by little.

Poro was born in 1999 and joined Manchester City in 2019, then Real Valladolid , after being leased to Sporting, was fully recruited by Sporting in July of last year.

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