This is the story of Bout Verhost. Manchester United brought Verhost on a short-term basis in the winter transfer market. It was to add strength to the attacking team, which was lacking after Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure. Coach Eric ten Haag, who prefers to be from the Netherlands, singled out Verhost for showing off his presence at the World Cup in Qatar. Verhost wore the Manchester United uniform even at the risk of an uncomfortable relationship with Besiktas. It was to wash away the failure at Burnley.

메이저놀이터 But so far, it’s different from what I expected. I tried to write a rental myth by shooting a goal in the League Cup last month, but since then, his presence has not been shown at all. If you look at the record, he is to the point of being miserable. According to the British daily The Sun, Verhost scored only one goal in seven matches. The number of touches in the penalty box per 90 minutes is only 2.9. It’s the lowest level in Manchester United. The number of shots per 90 minutes is 0.6, not even 1. Better than Scott McTominay.

The post play is also not impressive, although he is believed to provide other options that are not available at United. In the end, coach Ten Hag is in the mood to keep in mind the exclusion of Verhost. This is the appearance of the verhost card ending in failure.

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