Has the possibility of trading Kim Ha-sung (29, San Diego Padres) disappeared.

The deadline for Major League trade is August 1 (Korea time). About two months are left. U.S. media outlets are releasing expected trade articles. Already, buyers and sellers are clearly distinguished in some teams. The biggest interest in this category is whether to trade players with one year left in the FA every season.

What’s interesting is that Kim Ha-sung (29, San Diego Padres) is rarely mentioned in trade articles. The San Diego Padres seem to have naturally established themselves as buyers as they acquired Dylan Cease just before the opening of the season and Luis Arraez one after another at the beginning of the season.

In the first place, there were many prospects that San Diego would trade Kim Ha-sung without offering him an extension contract as he reduced his team’s payroll. As Kim Ha-sung’s skills have improved significantly over the past two years, there is an atmosphere that 100 million dollars will be based on. Many predict that San Diego will not be able to afford Kim Ha-sung’s ransom. In fact, San Diego still has not offered Kim Ha-sung an extension.

However, even if the team’s investment has narrowed due to issues such as broadcasting rights imports, San Diego can be considered to win-now this year given that it has secured an aggressive trade between Siz and Arraez. It has 27 wins and 26 losses, ranking third in the wild card race in the National League. At this juncture, it is funny to claim to be a seller and start a bargain sale.

Bleacher Report picked the most likely player to be traded by each of the 30 teams on Tuesday. Adam Mazur was picked as a promising pitcher for the San Diego Padres. Since San Diego is definitely a buyer, it is expected that even if they make a trade, they will release promising players and receive full strength immediately.

Crucially in this situation, Kim Ha-sung’s “Keystone Partner” Xander Bogaerts injured his left shoulder bone. Bogaerts hit his left shoulder heavily while falling to the ground to recover the ball in the first game of an away doubleheader against the Atlanta Braves on the 21st.

He was listed on the injured list on Tuesday. However, the U.S. media began to question the possibility of Bogartz leaving the team for an extended period of time. Many predict that he will not be able to return soon. Bogartz’s injury has effectively reduced the possibility of Kim Ha-sung’s trade to zero.

Except for Kim Ha-sung, there is no proven and stable central infielder, so it is absurd to trade Kim Ha-sung to another club and prepare for the postseason. Kim Ha-sung’s batting is sluggish this season, but it is ultimately defense that he continues to play as the ninth shortstop. It is difficult to go to the postseason without guaranteeing the stability of defense, especially the center line defense.

In 52 games this season, Kim had 38 hits in 176 at-bats for a batting average of 0.216 with six homers, 22 RBIs and 25 runs scored, with an on-base percentage of 0.335 with an on-base percentage of 0.369 with an on-base percentage of 0.704. This pace has slightly decreased compared to last year, when Kim displayed a sensation. However, he ranks 32nd in on-base percentage in the National League and fifth in the National League with a 14.8 percent walk rate. Following last year, he has strength in getting on base again this year. 메이저사이트

According to Statcast, Kim Ha-sung’s expected batting average is 0.249. His expected on-base percentage is 0.365, ranking 28th overall in the Major League. The expected on-base percentage is 0.369. The expected on-base percentage, and the expected on-base percentage are all higher than the season’s batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage. There is a high possibility that his batting performance will increase at some point.

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