Oakland is 11-45 on the season with a .196 winning percentage through 30 games. They are 1-9 in their last 10 games. The A’s narrowly snapped an 11-game losing streak with a 7-2 victory over the Atlanta Braves on Sunday, but they still have a 1-in-10 winning percentage. Of MLB’s 30 clubs, only Oakland and the Kansas City Royals (17-38) have yet to win more than 20 games.

Oakland is in last place in the American League (AL) West, 18.5 games behind the fourth-place Los Angeles Angels (29-26). Their team batting average (0.220) and team ERA (6.78) are both last in the big leagues. In particular, their ERA is worse than the 29th-ranked Colorado Rockies (5.22). The team run differential is also a staggering -194. It’s the only team in the league with a negative run differential above 100.

That’s not all. Oakland is mathematically on pace to win 32 games and lose 130 this season. At this rate, they could tie the record for most losses in a season (120 since 1900) held by the New York Mets in 1962.

Oakland is the team that broke out in the 스포츠토토 2000s with “Moneyball,” the brainchild of general manager (and now executive vice president) Billy Beane. They offset the weaknesses of a “small market” organization by acquiring high-efficiency players for a small price.

This year, however, that doesn’t seem to be working. After sending away key players, including ace Chris Bassitt, for the past two years, the prospects they brought in have not been able to perform. The signings of Drew Luchinski (formerly of the NC Dinos), the KBO’s top foreign pitcher, and Japanese pitcher Shintaro Fujinami have also been a bust so far.

Oakland general manager David Post told MLB.com, “We’re in a situation (worse) than anyone could have imagined. Our veterans are struggling, and our prospects are showing their inexperience. To make matters worse, we have injuries.” “Players are losing interest in baseball. We’re trying to stay as positive and motivated as possible,” he said.

Manager Mark Katsay added, “We have to learn from these mistakes and grow. Hopefully, the younger players are learning big lessons in the big leagues.”

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