The ‘defending champion’ SSG Landers still has reinforcements.

SSG is struggling with the LG Twins for the lead this season. The two teams are virtually solidifying the two-team system while tossing and turning. As of the 1st, LG ranked first with 46 wins, 2 draws and 27 losses, while SSG ranked second with 44 wins, 1 draw and 28 losses, 1.5 games behind.토토꽁포인트

The situation is clearly different from last year. SSG solidified its first place position from the beginning of the season. They won 10 consecutive victories in the opening season and placed at the top of the leaderboard. SSG, which maintained a steady rise, maintained the first place throughout the season and won the first ‘Wire to Wire’ championship in history. But this year, LG has a strong rival.

Manager Kim Won-hyung said, “I have a very good memory when I won 10 consecutive wins last year. I was able to finish first because I had a good start. It was a good driving force. All coaches would like to play such a game, but winning in a week Even just two series is enough to build a multiplier. (This year is different from last year) As much as we have shown good results so far, I hope it continues.”꽁머니사이트

There are 10 games left until the All-Star break. Coach Kim said, “First of all, the commanding tower’s goal is to successfully complete the first half. This is because core powers from the mound, such as Kirk McCarty and Choi Min-jun, who left due to injuries, are returning. Here, multi-infielder Kim Seong-hyun also returns. McCarty suffered a forearm injury, and Choi Min-joon suffered a right bubo injury. Kim Seong-hyun is closed due to rib muscle damage.

Manager Kim said, “On the pitcher side, if McCarty and Choi Min-joon recover, they will return in the second half. McCarty will undergo an MRI scan on July 5. “I don’t think it will be easy, but I will see the results and set a return date. As for the beast, Kim Seong-hyun is scheduled to return. Even now, he continues to play in the Futures League. If these players return, they will be a great help in the second half,” he expressed his anticipation. .

McCarty played the role of an ace with an average ERA of 2.52 in 75 innings in 13 games before the injury. Choi Min-jun also contributed strength from the bullpen with an average ERA of 3.09 with 4 wins, 2 losses, 6 holds and 1 save in 29 games and 35 innings. If they return, SSG can compete for rankings with a solid mound. Maybe SSG’s real fight can be from the second half.

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