Park Joo-ho, who exposed the reality of the Korea Football Association’s National Power Reinforcement Committee, revealed the recent changes in the eyes of soccer players.

On the 8th, Park Joo-ho posted a video titled “I tell you all about the process of appointing a national coach” on his YouTube channel “Captain Pachuho.”

Through the video, Park Joo-ho spoke out about Korean soccer, which cannot keep up with the current soccer trend, along with the unconventional process of appointing a coach and the crippling of the power reinforcement committee.

Park Joo-ho served as a member of the Korea Football Association’s national power reinforcement committee until just before taking this video.

Park Joo-ho was appointed as a member of the Power Reinforcement Committee formed under Chung Hae-sung, chairman of the Power Reinforcement Committee, in February and has been an “insider” for the past five months.

Originally, Park Joo-ho tried to film the video under the theme of “How the Power Reinforcement Committee is proceeding with the appointment of the coach,” but the direction was completely reversed when news broke on the 7th that the Korea Football Association had appointed Ulsan HD coach Hong Myung-bo as the next national team coach.

When Park Joo-ho heard the news, he was stunned and shared the disruptions of the Power Reinforcement Committee.

The negotiations broke down with coach Jesse Machi, recommended by Park Joo-ho, and after the interim coach system in March, the candidate group was again selected at the Power Enhancement Committee, which was virtually crippled from then on.

It was true that the K-League’s manager was mentioned within the K-League’s reinforcement committee. “We’ve prepared all the seasons, but the coaches don’t know,” Park said. “We should talk to the coach to some extent. The association should talk to the coach first, and if progress is made, it should smooth the process of talking to the team as well. Ulsan HD fans also staged truck protests during the meeting and there was a fuss. I thought, “Is this the right process? I felt like I was going back again.”

When Hwang Sun-hong, then coach of the under-23 national team, was appointed as interim coach in March, he said, “I am focusing on the Olympic finals, and I wonder if I should coach a candidate team that knows well about Southeast Asian teams. Hwang was also nominated because he is a leader of the association,” adding that Park Hang-seo and Kim Do-hoon were also in the candidate team.

What was difficult for Park to understand was that the committee voted for the coach. Park said, “I didn’t understand. I’m not voting. How can we vote for a coach? We did. So it worked. I didn’t understand. I wrote down the reason.”

“I thought coach Park Hang-seo was in the most favorable position. You are resting well and you know Southeast Asian soccer well. I thought you could sacrifice yourself just once and get back to your seats to prepare for the event. Coach Kim Do-hoon was also well aware of Singaporean soccer. I thought it would be good if you wrap up the two matches well.”

On Hwang, he said, “I was wondering why he created such a risk. It was not directly related to his elimination from the Olympics. However, I couldn’t understand why he had to appoint a coach to prepare for the Olympics. I didn’t understand.” 토토사이트

“I was nominated without questioning the opinions of the coaches. There were many such coaches. Jesus Casas fell apart in the first round, but I don’t know why he was nominated again. I was in the same group as Iraq in the third qualifying round, so I don’t know if I should bring him back. It’s like stealing from him,” Park said.

Furthermore, as Chairman Chung Hae-sung suddenly resigned, the Power Reinforcement Committee became virtually nominal.

Park Joo-ho said, “Again, we talked about voting. I have to explain why we recommended Lee and we have to record it. But we want to vote. As a result, I think we were elected by voting.”

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