“I do a lot of shooting training these days, but if I equip myself with a shot, no one will stop me.”

After finishing the regular season in 7th place in the college basketball league last year, Konkuk University defeated 2nd place Yonsei University and 3rd place Kyunghee University in turn in the playoffs to advance to the championship match. 스포츠토토

It’s not the same matchup, but in the men’s professional basketball playoffs, the 6th place that meets the 2nd and 3rd places in a row has never reached the championship match yet. Considering this, Konkuk University’s advancement to the championship was like a miracle.

Freddy’s role was huge in enabling Konkuk University to reach the top stage. Freddy played an average of 35 minutes and 45 seconds in the regular league, recording 20.7 points, 15.3 rebounds, 1.3 assists and 1.3 blocks.

He flew even more in the playoffs. After only 11 seconds off the bench in three games, Freddy averaged 19.7 points, 22.0 rebounds and 2.3 blocks. The field goal success rate was 61.9% (26/42). Had he put up just one more point, he would have compiled a 20-20 average.

After this kind of Freddy finished last season, he devoted himself to shooting practice. If Freddy, whose scoring distribution was focused on the bottom of the goal, is equipped with a mid-range shot, Konkuk University has more offensive options to choose from, which is a very positive aspect.

Konkuk University coach Moon Hyeok-ju said, “Freddy is constantly training shooting,” and “I get calls from time to time. This is a training video of shooting practice. He was practicing shooting and asked to see how his form was. There are times when the steps are inaccurate, but it is admirable. Other players have to work harder like Freddie.”

Konkuk University players I met during winter training are also looking forward to Freddy’s performance.

Choi Seung-bin, who plays a lot of high-low games with Freddy, said, “(This year) it’s up to you to play Freddy. When he fizzles out he becomes weird. If Freddy gets it right, he’ll do just fine. he has improved a lot He said, “Honestly, I did well (last season), but I was a little lacking in my opinion. I did well enough, but the under-the-goal shot maid was a little lacking. Now I am equipped with a mid-range shot from the high post, so I am looking forward to it.”

Point guard Cho Hwan-hee, who has to save Freddy, said, “I feel much better. He’s going to be slow, but he’s going to be unstoppable at the bottom of the net. The good part was the rebound. It was the best to play with a height advantage,” he said. With Freddy coming, being able to play ground basketball with pick-and-rolls, Baek Ji-woong’s outskirts, and high-low games has become a good strength.”

Kim Do-yeon said, “When Freddy first came in, his body was dull. He gained experience by playing many regular leagues and playoffs. His under-the-goal play has been proven enough to be said to be the best in college,” he said.

Freddy and his motive, Kim Joon-young, said, “Freddy is powerful at the bottom of the goal. Choi Seung-bin hyung and Freddy were together at the bottom of the goal, so it was very strong. It was very comfortable to receive the ball from inside and play, and there were many things I could do,” he said. When he doesn’t have his own defense, he attacks, and when Freddy’s defense comes to help, he thinks of giving Freddy a chance. The most important thing is not to do what you want to do, but to do it as it is. Only then will Freddy have a chance or Freddy will have a chance.”

Jeon Ji-hyeon, a freshman who is training with Freddy, said, “The height is high, and communication is better than I expected. I am satisfied because he teaches me while playing the game,” he said. “I speak a little Korean and talk a lot, so I feel comfortable defending.”

Konkuk University, which Freddy joined, was reborn as a completely different team. Freddy is evolving even more than last year, honing his mid-range shot. Konkuk University may create a sensation starting from the regular league in 2023.

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