The Korean soccer community was shocked. It is the first time in 40 years that the Korean soccer community has failed to participate in the Olympics.

Since the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Korea has continued to advance to the Olympic finals. Korea has always shown up at national team festivals by age that take place every four years. At the 2012 London Olympics, Korea won a bronze medal. At the five Olympics that took part in the 21st century, Korea advanced to the tournament four times. Korea showed off strong performance at the Olympics.

However, South Korea will have no place at the 2024 Paris Olympics. South Korea’s U-23 team lost to Indonesia under coach Shin Tae-yong in the quarterfinals of the 2024 Asian Cup in Qatar, which took place on the 26th (Korean time). South Korea tied with Indonesia 2-2 and collapsed 10-11 in the shootout.

Having made it to the finals at the 2024 Paris Olympics, Korea could have become the first country in the world to make history by advancing to the Olympics for 10 consecutive times. Korea missed the opportunity to make history right before its eyes. After the match against Indonesia, Korea Football Association (KFA) and KFA Chairman Chung Mong-gyu are under intense criticism. In response, KFA issued a statement of apology.

“I deeply apologize to the soccer fans and the people for the failure to advance to the finals of the Paris Olympics due to the defeat in the quarterfinals of the 2024 AFC U-23 Asian Cup. Both the coaching staff and players did their best to participate in the Olympics for 10 consecutive times, but unfortunately, they failed to achieve their goals. I know well that our Korea Football Association, which fosters and supports the national soccer team, has a general responsibility, so I would like to bow my head again and apologize. In the future, we will closely examine the players and leadership development and the management system of the national team, and find ways to improve them so that today’s failures will not be repeated. The Korea Football Association will do its best to complete the appointment of the national team coach, which is our immediate task, and to bring joy to the people with good performances in the upcoming Asian qualifiers for the 2026 North American World Cup. Thank you.”

KFA has expressed its apology for now by putting forward a vague phrase “careful review and agonizing over how to improve the situation.” 메이저놀이터 In the meantime, KFA emphasized that the top priority is the appointment of a national team coach. It is somewhat questionable why they brought up the topic of the national team at a time when they are expressing their stance on the failure of the Olympics. It seems that the focus is shifting rapidly.

It is questionable whether the Power Enhancement Committee, which will appoint a national team coach, will be able to function properly at a time when everything is in disarray. Hwang was in charge of the national team temporarily after failing to coach the U-23 team in March, following the “Power Enhancement Committee’s decision.” During that time, he had limited opportunities to spend time with the U-23 players.

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