The match for the 10th National Prestigious High School Baseball Competition (co-sponsored by Financial News and Busan Financial News) has been finalized. This year’s competition will be held at Hyundai Motor Dream Ball Park in Gijang-gun, Busan for a total of five days from March 8 to 12. It is symbolic that it is the first tournament to announce the start of high school baseball this year. True to its name, the Prestigious High School Baseball Championship, 12 schools representing each region participate and compete. The 12 high schools will be divided into 4 groups A, B, C and D.

Group A is the ‘traditional strong’ group. Gyeongbuk High School, Deoksu High School, and Gwangju Il High School were included. Seoul, Daegu, and Gwangju are the schools that have won the most national championships. Deoksoo High School coach Jeong Yun-jin is the coach with the most championship trophies among active coaches. Gyeongbuk High School is the highest winning high school in history. Gwangju Ilgo is also the school with the most championships in Gwangju.

Group B consists of the ‘strongest group in the Gyeongsang region’, which covers the strongest players in Daegu, Masan and Busan. Gyeongnam High School, Daegu High School, and Masang High School. Daegu High School is the only team that has won the national championship in Daegu over the past five years. The position is so solid. Gyeongnam High School is the winner of last year’s Golden Lion and the runner-up team in the prestigious high school baseball competition. As the alma mater of Choi Dong-won and Lee Dae-ho, many players from Gyeongnam High School are currently playing professionally. There are so many of them that it is difficult to count them all. Masan High School beat Masan Yongma High School two years ago to win Masan’s first championship in the association’s long term.

From Group C, there are a large number of ’emerging powerhouses’. Group C consists of Daegu Sangwon High School, Seoul High School, and Busan High School. These are the teams that can achieve good results if the national championships are held tomorrow. At Daegu Sangwon High School, there are pitchers Lim Sang-hyeon (junior) and Lee Ho-jun (junior), who are likely to be nominated as pros. In addition, beasts such as Jeon Hyun-tak, Kang Tae-wan, and Park Do-geon (above 3rd grade) are evaluated as good. Seoul High School has Lee Chan-sol (junior) and Jeon Jun-pyo (junior) as the top candidates for this season. There are also candidates for field nominations such as Yeo Dong-geon (junior) and Kim Young-chae (junior). Seoul High School is also a school that has produced a lot of first nominations over the past four years, including Lee Jae-hyun (Samsung), Ahn Jae-seok and Lee Byung-hun (Doosan), Joo Seung-woo (Kiwoom), and Kim Seo-hyun (Hanwha). Busan High School is the 2022 Bonghwangdaegi winning team. Won Sang-hyun (junior), who has emerged as a candidate for the first round, is holding on. Ye Geon-woo and Seong Young-tak (junior) are also players to pay attention to in the professional world.

Group D is the ‘group of death’. Cheonan Bukil High School, Chungam High School, and Jeon High School were all covered. You never know which team will go up. Bukil High School was the winner of the E-Mart Cup last year. Chungam High School won two gold medals (Blue Dragon Flag, Presidential Cup) the year before last. Also, Jeonju High School is the runner-up team in the Presidential Cup last year. All of them are teams that have been making remarkable achievements lately. At Bukil High School, catcher Lee Seung-hyun (junior) and left-handed pitcher Lee Hyun-wook (junior) are attracting attention. Chungam High School is a must-eat restaurant. There are many good beasts such as Park Chae-wool, Cho Hyun-min, and Lee Chung-heon (junior senior). Among pitchers, Gun-Woo Park and Kun-Woo Byun (junior) are attracting scouts’ attention. Jeonju High School boasts the strongest power in the Jeolla region. There is left-hander Son Hyun-ki (3rd grade), who is likely to be nominated in the first round. In addition, Seo Young-joon (2nd year), who hit 4 home runs in 6 games in the Daegu Winter League, and left-hander Hong Joo-wan (3rd year), who has good control.

In the National High School Baseball Championship, only the top teams in each group can advance to the semifinals. The rules are similar to the previous national competitions. There is a cold game rule, and an automatic intentional ball is also adopted. However, there is a difference that there is no pitch limit. Major matches such as the opening match, semi-finals, and finals will be broadcast live through IB Sports, YouTube, and Naver Sports. 메이저놀이터

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