The same goes for Japan, where former coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s remarks are absurd.

In an interview with Spiegel of Germany, Klinsmann left scars in South Korea once again. When asked about his work from home in the U.S., Klinsmann said, “I didn’t like staying in Paju. It was close to the border of North Korea. Accommodation facilities are outdated. Furniture is likely to be damaged and walls are thin, so everyone knows who uses the bathroom.”

Former head coach Paulo Bento stayed in Goyang, which is closer, because he wasted time traveling between Seoul and Paju. This shows how light-hearted Klinsmann was in the Korean national team.

Klinsmann responded to the controversy over telecommuting, saying, “My office is where my laptop is. I can work anywhere with that.” 꽁머니환전

Klinsmann also directly denied the announcement that Chung Mong-gyu appointed Klinsmann through due process. After failing to qualify for the round of 16 at the Qatar World Cup, Klinsmann met with Chung at the hotel and said, “I think you’re looking for a new coach. Please call me because we’re friends.”

“Klinsman’s remarks are in stark contrast to Chung’s explanation,” said Soccer Digest. Korean media are angry that Chung pressured him to create the Klinsman regime. The KFA and its surroundings are still full of chaos caused by Klinsman’s madness.

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