Ultimately, the team that will go up will go up. This is an unwritten rule that even exists on the ground. Jeonbuk Hyundai, which has won the most K-League 1 championships (nine times), cannot be denied its presence.
Jeonbuk had dropped to 10th place last season but ended in 4th place. This season has taken an even more tumultuous turn. There were still expectations that it would become a “candidate” but the team fell to the bottom. Jeonbuk is currently ranking 11th out of 12 teams. It has only 13 points (three wins, four draws and six losses) from 13 matches. However, since Petrescu stepped down, the team is still waiting for a new coach.

However, analysts say that the team is moving away from the worst case scenario carries weight. Jeonbuk beat Gwangju FC 3-0 in the last round, breaking its three-game losing streak. It won the game, but its focus was on the record that it was the first scoreless game of this season. Jung Min-ki, the goalie, displayed his fighting spirit by blocking all nine of Gwangju’s effective shots. Captain Kim Jin-soo also displayed robust performance in both offense and defense. With the most passes (54 times), he not only strengthened attack development but also ranked first in the tackle category and block category (5 times) within the defense area.

Having settled in Jeonbuk this season, 22-year-old Jeon is playing the role of “boy breadwinner” in the offense. Having scored multiple goals in the match against Gwangju, Jeon has recorded the most goals scored in his team by posting four goals and one assist this season. The first round of the “Hana Bank K League 1 2024” will open at 2 p.m. on Saturday at Jeonju World Cup Stadium. His opponent is Gimcheon Sangmu (25 points, 7 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses), who is ranking second in the “difficult enemy” among the “big three.”

The gusty wind of Gimcheon is no longer new news. With no loss in eight consecutive games (four wins and four draws), Gimcheon is on par with the leading Pohang Steelers in points and multiple goals (19 goals). In terms of goal difference, Pohang (+9) is only ahead of Gimcheon (+5). The team is definitely ahead of Jeonbuk in terms of robust offense and defense value and strong determination to win. In its first meeting with Jeonbuk this season, the team also won 1-0. If the team defeats Gimcheon, it will be able to ride the upward curve properly.
The second meeting of the “Kim Ki-dong derby” Pohang and FC Seoul this season is also a watershed moment. Pohang will invite Seoul to Pohang Steelyard at 7 p.m. on Saturday. It is the first visit to the “Friendly Team” since Kim Ki-dong changed his mind as Seoul’s head coach. Pohang and Seoul shed tears in the last round. Pohang was undefeated (7 wins and 4 draws) for 11 consecutive games. With Lingard’s return, Seoul has hardly found a way out. Currently, the team ranks eighth with 15 points (4 wins, 3 draws and 6 losses). In order to continue the race for the top spot, Pohang must avoid losing consecutive games, and Seoul has nowhere else to go. Kim faced Pohang on April 13 for the first time, but lost 2:4. This is the confidence of Pohang coach Park Tae-ha.

Ulsan HD (24, points), which is ranking third for the first time in a losing streak this season, desperately needs a reversal. Ulsan will have a showdown with Daejeon Hana Citizen (11 points), the lowest ranking team, at which coach Lee Min-seong left the team at Munsu Football Stadium at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday. Ulsan has an opportunity to regain the lead in every round. It is a reeling match, but the inside is different. Since being promoted to the top division for the first time in eight years last season, Daejeon has no loss in four consecutive games (two wins and two draws). Ulsan also faced Daejeon for the first time in this season. 메이저사이트
Daegu FC, which has won two consecutive games, and Gangwon FC, which is on a roll with no loss for four consecutive games, are also expected to stage a heated competition. The two teams will have a showdown at DGB Daegu Bank Park at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Gangwon ranked fifth with 19 points, and Daegu ranked ninth with 14 points. For Daegu, it is a revenge match with a 0-3 defeat against Gangwon on April 3. Incheon United (17 points), ranking sixth, and Gwangju, ranking seventh, will clash at Incheon Stadium at 7 p.m. on Saturday, while Jeju United, ranking 10th, will meet Suwon FC, ranking 21st, at Jeju World Cup Stadium at 7 p.m. on Saturday.

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