Lee Gi-hyeok (23), the future of Jeju United, laughed shyly. He said, “I did a few interviews when I went to the A team last year. Interviews are so awkward,” he said, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

Lee Ki-hyeok’s soccer life goes back to elementary school. He made a connection with the ground by holding the hand of his father who was playing football in an early football club. Lee Ki-hyeok said, “My father was a member of the early soccer club. My father’s friends played with him. Soccer was fun, so I continued. I started in the second grade of elementary school.”

He is from Ulsan Hyundai Youth and made his professional debut in 2021 in the Suwon FC uniform. In his last two seasons, he recorded 1 assist in 35 K League matches. In July of last year, he was selected for his A national team and made his A match debut in the 2022 EAFF E-1 Championship (East Asian Cup).

Lee Ki-hyeok said, “I have never been to a national team by age group. I always fell last. I was ‘bruised’ when I was selected for the A team. After going once, I thought I wanted to go again. I learned a lot while training for 10 to 15 days.” 안전놀이터

Lee Ki-hyeok, who has accumulated various experiences, is now taking on a new challenge. He was traded to Jeju United ahead of the 2023 season. Lee Ki-hyeok said, “I was training after the season and I was traded. People around me asked me a lot, ‘How do you feel?

Fierce competition is expected. Lee Ki-hyeok played as an under-22 (U-22) resource until last year. However, it is no longer subject to U-22 application. He said, “In the meantime, I played with the U-22 benefit. Now that benefit has disappeared. I don’t even think I’m young. I feel a sense of responsibility. I feel like I have to show something. There is a burden, not a burden. ” he laughed.

Lee Ki-hyeok has two weapons. The first is the left foot. His left foot kick is evaluated as very sharp. The second is that it is multi-resource. Lee Ki-hyeok is a midfielder who can play both the center and flanks in midfield. He can also play as a defender.

He said, “I’ve seen a lot of positions. I’ve seen all but the goalkeeper (laughs). The position I’m most confident in is midfielder. At Suwon FC, they said it would be nice if I could take the position on the offensive side, so I looked at the right wing. In Jeju, you’re thinking of various positions. I think coach Nam Ki-il said he was thinking about the offensive part, but he also said he was thinking about the defensive part. He also asked about the left back.

Lee Ki-hyeok said, “Jeju is always a team that challenges the Asian Champions League (ACL). Going further, it would be nice to compete for the championship. I want to play full-time in Jeju a lot. This year, the year I can let people know who I am as a player.” I hope it will be,” he said, reaffirming his determination.

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