“I know you received help from a dedicated coach while living abroad during your active career…”

The Doosan Bears recently invited coach Lee Young-soo, who was at Futures, to accompany them to the first team. Coach Lee focused on only one player while helping the first team train, such as raising the batting ball. It was Jose Rojas, a foreign hitter.

Lohas was Doosan’s biggest concern at the beginning of this season. The batting average that Rojas recorded until he was expunged from the first team entry on the 11th was 2.5 li. During the month of April, he stayed at a batting average of 10%, but he showed a slight improvement.

There were 10 home runs, but hitting without accuracy did not help the team much. In the end, the Futures League started to reorganize.

Coach Lee was also in charge of the ‘Lohas Resurrection Project’ in the Futures League. Even after returning to the first group, Rojas did not show any significant change. Director Lee said, “I will watch during the first half.” It was like patience and, in effect, an ultimatum.

Coach Lee joined the first team, and in July Rojas began to change. Coach Lee came out as the dedicated coach for Lohas. In July, LOHAS has clearly changed. He showed a more sophisticated appearance with a batting average of 3.7 and 5 Lee in 8 games in Rasun in July. It was the appearance of stable hit production that Doosan hoped for.

The reason Coach Lee entrusted Coach Lee with the job was because of his experience during his active career. After the 2003 season, coach Lee challenged the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) and played until 2011.

When coach Lee was struggling on the Japanese stage, coaches Seong-geun Kim and Ki-tae Kim coached him as dedicated coaches at the time.

Regarding the revival of Lohas, coach Lee said without hesitation, “It has improved since coach Lee Young-soo took charge of the game.”

Coach Lee approached to find the cause in ‘psychology’ rather than technique. Coach Lee said, “I know that the coach lived abroad during his active career and received help from a dedicated coach. So he seems to have entrusted me with that role.”안전놀이터

Coach Lee continued, “A baseball player is also a person after all. Often, the problem of a sluggish player is found in technology, but personally, I think that a problem arises in technology because of a mental shake. Yes,” he said. “When LOHAS came down to Icheon, and when I came up to Jamsil, I felt that he was shaken psychologically. I came up and had a 20-minute interview. We talked a lot. “What a big deal it must be. In life, there will be so many difficult things besides baseball. Having a day in good health means having a chance to challenge again.”

Rojas also expressed his gratitude to Coach Lee. Rojas said, “From Australia or Icheon, we continue to talk a lot about the mental part rather than the technical part.” He said, “I feel very well-balanced and I feel like I can see the ball well. I want to maintain this image and help the team a lot in the future.”

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