The biggest pending issue in Korean soccer is the appointment of the head coach of the national team. The original plan was to appoint the head coach within May, but both of the leading candidates that the Korea Football Association’s (KFA’s) National Power Enhancement Committee (Chairman Jung Hae-sung) found refused to go to Korea. The first choice is coach Jesse Machi of the U.S., the co-host of the 2026 North Korea-China World Cup, and second choice is coach of the Iraqi national team Jesus Casas of Spain.
Other candidates were ranked third and fourth including Senol Günesch from Turkiye, but the power enhancement committee decided to conduct a full review instead of holding a negotiation table. Rather than having to talk to leaders whom they do not like, the committee intends to create a completely new round by reducing unnecessary time. The process of regrouping and reorganizing candidates for foreign coaching has already begun, irrespective of existing lists.

For now, I have some leeway. Now, the Power Enhancement Committee, which has not set a deadline for appointment of a coach, has let coach Kim Do-hoon lead the fifth and sixth rounds of Group C of the second qualifying round for the North-China-U.S. World Cup, which will continue from Singapore (away from June 6) to China (home from June 11). Like Hwang Sun-hong, the coach of the U-23 national team, who was in charge of the two consecutive matches against Thailand in March, he is an interim coach. After the June A-match, the national team will be convened in September, which is relatively large enough.

Some in the soccer community argue that it is okay to decide on a candidate after watching the future of the leaders who will participate in the 2024 European Championship (Euro 2024) to be held in Germany from June to July, the Copa America to be held in the U.S. at the same time, and the 2024 Paris Olympics in August. Unfortunately, however, we cannot afford to remain complacent all the time.

As most coaches’ contracts often end up being tied to the finals for the North-China-U.S., it is difficult to bring them out in the middle, and the A-match in September is quite special. This is the final qualifying round for the World Cup in Asia. This is a stage that requires unconditional results. Even if the number of participants in the finals has been expanded, the situation that the debut match of the Korean head coach is the final qualifying round is a huge burden to the players concerned.

Of course, thorough preparations should be made. The new coaching staff should be given as much time as possible to prepare for the actual matches. 토토사이트 The new coach can reduce trial and error only when he has to get used to a completely different work environment and culture, identify key players within the scope of recruitment for the national team, and complete simulation work based on tactics and strategies. This is why the process of appointing a new coach cannot be delayed.

Of course, we shouldn’t rush too much. This is because there is a concern that the coach might bring in a “just like that” leader who overlooks the speed too much and whose philosophy, direction and achievements are not clear. The chances of success of a coach who is forced into financial situations are not high. Fortunately, with the 2023-2024 season of major European leagues ending, sales are gradually coming out.

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