U.S. broadcasters praised Lee Jung-hoo (26, San Francisco Giants), the grandson of the wind. Even his father, Lee Jong-beom (54), was summoned for his basic instincts to play baseball.

Lee Jung-hoo started as the first batter’s center fielder in a home game against the Washington Nationals at Oracle Park in San Francisco, California, on the 9th (Korea time), and played third base with two hits, one run, and one walk from three times at bat.

Lee, who elevated his batting average for this season to .238 (10 hits in 42 times at bat) by posting hits in two consecutive games, also saw his OPS increase to .639. He displayed his presence as the second third base game after the game against the San Diego Padres (three walks) on Saturday.

Lee left a deep impression not only with his hit but also with his baserunning play. The situation with runners on the first base with one out after he had a left-handed hit in the bottom of the first inning. Lee’s baserunning speed and sense shone when Lamont Wade Jr. had a hit that missed to the left.

Lee Jung-hoo, who immediately passed the second base and ran to the third base, quickly caught the situation at the second base. Second baseman Luis Garcia Jr. penetrated the home ground as he missed Jesse Winker’s two-bound throw.

Perhaps it could have seemed like a natural play, but the ‘NBC Sports Bay Area’ broadcast team, which is in charge of the San Francisco game, praised Lee Jung-hoo for his solid base running.

“Lee made it to the third base easily, and he did a good job of securing his position to predict the next situation. When entering the third base, I saw where the ball was. There was nothing a coach could do here. This is something that young children who learn baseball at amateur level and in Little League should learn,” the broadcasting team said.

Lee ran from first to third base in a sprint, turned around, and took his eyes off the second base. He slowed down at third base, but his feet didn’t stop. Second baseman Garcia, who missed the moment when he missed the ball, started off and rushed home. If he had stopped or hesitated, it would have been hard to score. Lee’s basic skills on base running made the score. 유흥알바

“Lee Jung-hoo was a second-generation baseball player, and his father was a Hall of Famer in Korea who was selected as an All-Star 14 times (actually 13 times). Lee learned a lot from listening to his father’s story. What he thanked and respected his father was the basics. I just saw that example,” the broadcasting staff said. “Lee Jung-hoo’s basic running skills were what he learned from his father, coach Lee Jong-beom.

In the next batter Jorge Soler’s at-bat, the media kept replaying Lee’s baserunning play, saying, “Watch Lee step on third base. Look at his feet moving in place. After a little shuffle, he stepped on the steps and started as soon as the ball popped out from second base. It was a textbook play.”

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