“I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you.”

Coach Lee Kang-cheol (57) of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team, who finished his first training session at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona on the 16th (hereafter Korean time), said this. 토토사이트

The target he wanted to express his ‘thank you’ to is NC Dinos coach Kang In-kwon (51). Coach Lee, who started his professional life by joining the Haitai Tigers (now KIA) in 1989 as the first choice, is six years older than Coach Kang (second priority in 1995, Hanwha Eagles). In 2017, when coach Lee was in charge of the Doosan Bears Futures (2nd division) command tower, coach Kang had a relationship with the 1st division battery coach.

Director Lee said he couldn’t sleep at night from the first day of the call. It was not difficult to feel the deep worries in his laugh, “It seems that only worries are piling up.” Even in such a complicated situation, there is a good reason why he thought of Director Kang.

On the 17th, the national team will have their first practice game against NC at the Kino Veteran Memorial Stadium, the main stadium near the training ground. However, this game is played in 7 innings, not 9 innings. Even an inning is not 3 outs, but ends with 20 to 25 pitches per pitcher. Coach Lee laughed, saying, “It will take a little time for the pitchers (to improve their condition). I will play tomorrow, and no one will raise their hand.”

Manager Lee said, “I asked for the NC’s understanding to play a 7-inning game by entrusting 7 pitchers with 1 inning each. They also said that the number of pitches should be as determined by the national team.” Game) I asked for it, but I said, ‘I can’t believe it’, but he accepted it. I was grateful then, but he was very considerate this time as well. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much to coach Kang In-kwon and NC.”

After hearing Coach Lee’s remarks, Coach Kang said, “It’s a bit early to enter the game, but since the national team requested it, I thought it was right to be the opponent.” I will cheer for all players to achieve good results without injury.”

In addition to NC, the KIA Tigers, who are training in Tucson, and the LG Twins, who are staying in Scottsdale, two hours away from KT, will also have practice matches with the national team. The steps of the national team that everyone wants to succeed, it seems that each club in the KBO league is also participating.

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