After an ‘epic brawl’ with Indonesia, Thailand announces its own disciplinary action.

Indonesia won the men’s soccer title at the 먹튀검증 2023 Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on Sunday. Indonesia defeated Thailand 5-2 in overtime. It was Indonesia’s first title since 1991.

More than the result, it was the brawl in the final that made the news. The two teams, who had been at loggerheads throughout the match, came to blows in the final minute of the second overtime when the Indonesian bench, mistaking the referee’s foul whistle for the end of the game, stormed onto the field. Thailand equalized before the end of the second half to send the game into extra time. The over-the-top ceremonies from the Thai side irritated the Indonesians. In overtime, the two teams got into a scuffle after an Indonesian taunt, resulting in seven ejections and 12 cautions for both teams.

The disciplinary action of the game attracted worldwide attention. According to the BBC, the Thai Football Association announced the punishments. Two players, goalkeepers Soponnewit Rakyat and Terapak Pruengna, received six-month bans, while a goalkeeping coach and two national team officials received one-year bans.

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