Things happened again in the Suwon game. It is not the end of the second round of the 2024 Hana One Q League 2.

This time, the possibility of stealing the name of the previous company A (RO approver who completed FIFA’s eight-stage training) was raised in the third round of the Ansan-Suwon match.

Spotify News obtained and conducted a full investigation of RO lists used for the second and third round matches of the K League 1 and 2 tournaments. Oddly enough, no VAR document was written in the first round.

As a result of the report, it was reported that the name of the former company A (RO approver) was written and submitted in the two games of Ansan-Suwon (0-1) on March 17 following the K League 1 Jeju vs. Daejeon (3-1) on March 10.

Officials asked for the name several times before and after the VAR record sheet was completed and the description was different from that of A before submission, but it was no use.

From January this year, the company in charge of VAR operation in the K-League has changed from Company A (July 2017 to 2023) to Company B (as of 2024). The reason why Company B used the name A is because it lacks the number of RO approval personnel.

An anonymous source said, “Company B failed to go through the eight-stage RO approval conditions proposed by FIFA. That’s why it seems to have stolen the name of the approver of the previous company A.”

Asked about the possibility of the name having the same name, an anonymous source said, “The VM0 approval training (VAR/AVAR/RO approval process) was last conducted in Ulsan in November 2023. Since then, no approval process has been carried out until the opening game, so it is the unbeaten factor.” 퀸알바

Spotify News found out the truth after a call with A, who was raised about the possibility of name theft.

A said, “I quit my job at RO. I have never been to Jeju-Daejeon / Ansan-Suwon games. If your name is stolen, isn’t it a big problem? I’ve never heard of it before.”

A is known to be working elsewhere after quitting his RO job.

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