It’s been 17 days since I went down to District 2. Bae Young-soo (42), who moved to the Futures team arousing many people’s curiosity, finally appeared in front of the fans.안전놀이터

Coach Bae met with reporters ahead of the 2023 KBO Futures All-Star Game held at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on the 14th and said, “There are many stories like this, but it’s not something to do ‘good or bad’, it’s something that can happen. The most important thing is that the team do well.” said.

Previously, coach Bae resigned on the 27th of last month, ahead of the Samsung game, and moved from the pitching coach of the 1st team to the general coach of the 2nd team. Lotte revealed the reason, saying, “We have changed the position of the coaching staff to renew the team atmosphere.” At the same time, Lee Jong-woon (57), the former Futures coach, moved to the first team head coach, and Kim Hyun-wook (53), conditioning coach, was promoted to the main pitching coach position.

However, because this process was so sudden, many stories began to emerge. In some cases, the story of ‘rebellion’ was even raised. In response, a Lotte official at the time explained, “It is true that voices grew between Sutton and the coaching staff, but isn’t it difficult to see it as a mutiny?”

Coach Bae, who appeared in public for the first time after the position change, came out coolly, saying, “Ask me anything.” He said, “I talk a lot, but what can I do? I didn’t care because I worked hard,” he said about the situation at the time, “It’s not a conflict.” At the same time, he confided, “There are a lot of stories like this, but it’s just something that can happen.”

Coach Bae said, “There must be a lot of people who are curious, but I’m working harder than anyone else in my position, and even though I’ve been a professional baseball coach for 4 years, I’m really working harder than anyone else. I hope you know that.” I’m doing it with confidence and diligence, so I hope you’ll watch over me.”

Coach Bae, who had only been in charge of the pitching part after starting his coaching career, was able to comprehensively manage the team for the first time due to this change in position. Regarding this, coach Bae said, “My field of view has broadened. I see the fielder side rather than the pitcher side, and I ask a lot of questions to the coaches. I am getting a lot of help from the coaching staff.” Regarding his coaching style, he said, “It is a style that is left to the coaches. Rather than claiming to know the pitching part, there are experts in each part, so I trust and watch that part.”

The part that Coach Bae emphasized as a leader was ‘basic skills’. He said, “It is important to establish principles based on basic skills, and what is important is that I have to do it with confidence.” He also noted that he “emphasizes ‘we’ rather than ‘me’ to his senior class.”

Lastly, Coach Bae wished the team good luck. He said, “The most important thing is that I want the team to do well. The fans want it a lot, and I just want the team to do really well without thinking about anything else. .

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