A ‘second Lee Sang-hwa’ has appeared in Korean speed skating.

This is Kim Min-sun, who won three gold medals at the Winter World University Games and won three gold medals.

This is reporter Jeong Yoon-cheol.

Min-seon Kim, the next-generation empress of ice speed, runs without hesitation on the ice.

As he exits corners in a stable position, he widens the gap to his opponents.

Kim Min-sun stood tall in her main event, the 500m, with her overwhelming performance.

Driven by his momentum, he also won the mixed relay race with Ahn Hyun-jun.

Min-sun Kim won her three gold medals at this event, up until her 1000m victory four days ago.

She won gold medals in every event she competed in.

Kim Min-sun is the first Korean speed skater to win three gold medals at the Winter World University Games.

[Kim Min-seon / National Speed ​​Skating Representative]
“I was worried, but I was also excited, but it feels good to finish with a good result.”

Kim Min-sun, who has been called a prodigy since her junior days, is the player Lee Sang-hwa, the ‘original empress’, directly picked as her successor. 메이저사이트

[Lee Sang-hwa / Former national team member (retirement press conference in 2019)]
“(As my successor), I would like to recommend Kim Min-seon. I want to see him reborn as the strongest player.”

However, she is sweeping away gold medals this season, with her skills growing rapidly amid thorough injury management.

At this pace, it is said that winning an Olympic medal is no longer a dream.

However, the task of shortening the initial 100m record, which fell short of the world record set by Lee Sang-hwa, remained.

It remains to be seen whether Kim Min-sun, the new star of Korean women’s speed skating, will be able to top her podium at the Olympics three years from now.

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